What inspired your Diablo III character name?

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SoulHarvest- my DH name simply because he takes demons souls

kyLeigh- my wiz name my daughters middle name

ZuChakaZu- my WD name just because i thought i sounded cool

KyChiMin- my monk name just sounded like a monk to me
Charles dickens
Ancient Sumerian tablets. the Epic of Gilgamesh
MAXimus DECimus MERidius

The full name of the Gladiator in the movie Gladiator. I watched it when it first came out and was blown away by the heroism and valor of the main character that Russel Crowe played. It was awesome and has stuck with me since. All my alts begin with "Max" and followed by some word that has meaning behind the class that is being played (for example, Maxhealer, would be a healer class of some sort).
Dylan is my first name.
Derp cause it's funny with a big tank swinging away at stuff like... "Derp, derp, derp!"

Usually name other chars on D3 by real names, IDK why.

I just really wish names were unique as they were on D2, now they mean !@#$ all.
Balthazar is supposedly one of the three wise men in the Bible. I wanted a Bible reference since this was Diablo.
My Wiz's name comes from the coolest sage that joins your party in FFII (aka FFIV)...the other toons have meaning too but this one is the only one I care to mention atm...
Barb is Zeus

his children..
Monk is Apollo
DH is Artemis
Wizard is Aphrodite

his brother..
WD is Hades

.. :)
My demon hunter's name is MradrShields. it was too long for Marauder Shields. for those that have played Mass effect 3 know that (SPOILERS) before getting beamed up there is 1 enemy that lies in wait just before you stagger into the beam. It's a Marauder class enemy with shields.

for those interested :

He trained his entire life just for this moment, He missed out on the first 2 games to train.. just for the right moment. He lived as Marauder Shields and died as Marauder Health. Goodnight Sweet Prince ;_;

i started playing diablo right after i finished mass effect 3. and a demon hunter who trains to kill commander Shepard amuses me.
-"I am a master of the Teganze. I have come from the jungles of Sanctuary to send all of evil's demons to the Unformed Land."

-"Ah, what is your name?"

Character name- Hallucinate...
You can probably guess where this came from hehe
Wizard: Wrathtail, was my first WoW characters name so I thought it would be approipiate :D
Mostly Middle Earth's legendarium, especially Silmarillion.
runeword :(
Bermethius, I once had a dream, a dream of being a warrior wielding massive weapons in what looked like to be the Roman Collisuem. All I could remember was in my dream I was exhausted from slaying my enemies, and the crowd was cheering my name "Bermethius!"

Other names I go by:
Edenian (Paladin)
Synaxis (Rogue / Demon Hunter)
Theradine (Warrior)
Phenominous/Asura (Shaman)
Everae (Wizard / Mage)
Asidius (Warlock / Witch Doctor)
Xandrise (Hunter)
Jyscal (Druid)
and the original Bermethius (Barbarian / Death Knight)
-Food: Named after "FoodIsGood," my first D2 sorc.
-Hornet: Arrows sting and so do hornets.
-Raskolnikov: Named after the protagonist of "Crime and Punishment" because yeah.
-Bear: Named after the character in ".hack//sign" of the same name and class.
-Cornsworth: Jebadiah Cornsworth owns a robot plantation.
-Cracazord: Random.
-HXC: Hardcore.
-Ciel: Named after characters in the Megaman Zero games and Melty Blood series.
-Btits: female dog breasts.
-Gomi: Japanese for "garbage."

-AshKetchum: ...think this one's kinda self explanatory

-Ajax: the greek hero

-Hans: my brothers friend named Hans made this toon and I didnt feel like rerolling

-Medivh: the last Guardian of Tirisfal

-Zoidberg: the character from Futurama

-Tenzin: the character from The Legend of Korra (he's Aang the Last Airbender's son)

-Earthenrage: my WoW toons name
nup was my soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo badarse holy pally, its a play on my nickname, plus its easier to type nup inc than some long name while i die
Ibliss:True name of satan the (jin) ho rebel to god

Yatiri:Old tribe of ppl from south america ho was the most powerfull wichtcraft the yatiris!

Jerkyhunt: Just a stupid made out name

Haomaru:I stole that name from the game samurai showdown

Jibril: Name after the arch angel gabriel
Arthain is my B.net name. I created it before there were internet browsers when all that existed were Bulletin Board Systems. I created it because I wanted to have a name that wasn't defined, a name that 'I' could define through my own actions.

I hate it that people have started to steal it for themselves since then.

My wizardess is named Vassilisa and that's based off the Head of the Church of Annihilatus from Taoru Majou no Index, an anime ^_^.

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