What inspired your Diablo III character name?

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Wiz: Pharm - my sorceress from D2, name carried over.
Barb: Amos - made up on a whim.
WD: ZimZum - I think it might be a guitarist for a band, sounded good so I went with it.
DH: Shini - made up on a whim.
Monk: Oni - deceased best friend used to play Onimusha a lot and the monk reminded me of that.
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Killed has been my main characters name for a long time, starting as a paladin back in 2006. I thought it was clever since paladins never really got "killed" as we could bubble hearth.

Fits hardcore well, as I am on the 12th iteration of my monk. so KilledXII
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Wiz: Mihiro - JAV Actress (cute)
Monk: Azuki - Garnet Crow member on keyboards, Azuki Nana (pretty)
Barb: Esselbon - reversed spelling for Noblesse
WD: Solstice - some astronomical thingy
DH: Orihim - reversed spelling for Mihiro
For my Barbarian, its Kamahl, Pit Fighter:

Commando. None other than the John Matrix.
Greek Gods for my characters, except my barb - that was named by a friend...
Nothing inspired my d3 character names because you never see it in game playing with friends.

Champion names from d2 inspired my hardcore characters, because at least hose are in the hall of the dead.
It all started when I first needed a nickname for Counter Strike back in the days, I wanted a short nick with one of the "flashy" letters in it, Q, Z or X. I was thinking of using Qbasic at first but that really didn't feel all right. So 2 min later I came up with Qrama and that has been my prio nick name in every game since.

On a sidenote I changed my real name to Qrama a couple years ago, so you could say that I'm pretty boring and simply use my IRL name for my main char, the monk.

I named my wizard LuckyLoot in an atempt to increase my chance of a good drop (that didn't work out as well as I hoped).

My barbarian got stuck with what I now a days could call my "real" nick name MrQ.

So there you have it. Ain't much thought behind me naming my chars after class nor gender. It's just that the name Qrama got rooted deep and get's prio in every game I play and LuckyLoot because It sounded a bit funny plus I was desperate in my loot hunt.
I use names like
WD: Zecora
Barbarian: Pacifist
Monk: Chinpokomon

Either MLP name or totally stupid random name :D
My barb is HULKSMASH, because Avengers had just come out, I always tend towards melee, and one of the devs said that his fighting style was based on the green one.

Wizard is Harry Dresden, although I feel bad about that now seeing as I always use arcane and frost, never fire.

Witch Doctor is Ouga Bouga, both because it cracked me up(juvenile, I know) as well as an homage to one of my old wrestling buddies.

DH is Deadpool, as a ranged assassin with traps, grenades, and a glyph for a healing factor seemed to work.

I haven't spent much time on a monk, but she's Zealot from WildC.A.T.S.
Ziola - Jane's Addiction reference
Hoodooyou - Dr John reference (had a song called "I Been Hoodood"
Jack Burton - Big Trouble in Little China
Sarah Connor - Terminator
Porcelina - Smashing Pumpkins reference

And Drtongue is a John Candy character from SCTV.
Ha! This is Easy

Witch Doctor = Dr. Who I think that is fairly simple to explain. Huge fan
Barb = Tank Because i want him to be one.
Wizard = Morgana from Arthurian legands. Was going to make a male merlin but nah
Demon Hunter = Vampire D. in from Vampire Hunter D
Monk = Bulletproof from the movie Bulletproof Monk
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Mono's my female Wizards name.
I borrowed it from Shadow of the Colossus. The Dead Girl's name is Mono.
They look kinda look alike. Also Mono sounds cool and it's greek meaning is
single, sole, alone, only etc.

I use it quite alot for female Charakter's. My male Char's get the name "Kamos". It's an ugly stupid minotaur from Age Of Mythologies. But this name sounds just Awesome. Speak it out loud. Kamos!
I am hilarious and you will quote everything I say.
WD = Rattlehead for Megadeth's mascot
Barb = Pichulotote due to the name of a local show's character who has huge muscles
WIz = Chinowon because he looks like any other chinese
Monk = Iluminao cause he's enlightened
DH = Shoromota came from a YouTube video
2nd WD = La Colombiana because she looks like a regular colombian girl
what does it even matter since all people really see and go by is your battletag

make char names relevant and change that awful system

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