What inspired your Diablo III character name?

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My witch doctor by the tech-house dj duo "superflu" who are an amazing source of inspiration to me as a dj and producer, and the super flu from the Stephen King book "The Stand" is another reason why I like the name for a plague bearing character . My wizard is inspired by the anime vampire alucard, and my barb by the magic the gathering barb kamahl and my dh by a dragon mentioned in the song of ice and fire novels.
My characters are all named after heroes from Heroes of Might and Magic III, with the exception of my Witch Doctor, who is named after a character from an episode of The Office (US).
Speedforce: the energy that fuels the Flash's abilities
Kahlan: Mother Confessor from the Sword of Truth Series
Conan: The Barbarian
Arya: Arya Stark from Game of Thrones (as you can see I'm an epic fantasy novel nut)
Snowballer: term coined from League of Legends, getting more and more powerful with each kill
Abigail: named after Abigail Devareaux from Days of our Lives
Conan - from Arnold the Governator

....and I'll be back!

My Chars name are inspired from the name of movie "HellBoy", as the film is about a superhero known as Hellboy who works to keep the world safe from threats.

Also, the theatrical poster of the movie says " Here to Protect" and I gues we are doing the same for sanctuary.

All my chars name are same because I want my friends to find me easily.

Quadratic - Named after my account. It suits me well, in that people who think they know me think they know what it means, and only those who actually do, do.
Styx - My go-to name for magic-type characters. Originally the name of my Final Fantasy red mage when I was a kid.
Rogue - I'm just calling the DH what she is.
Serious - Totally random name for my monk.
Skyrim - I've played the game, and sounded like it could work as a wizard name.
KFW - For my HC Barb. Named after a real fallen hero, though this one still lives.
Mine were mostly inspired from D&D characters or NPCs, some of which date back before the original Diablo.

The one exception is my female WD, named after Kali, Hindu goddess of Death and Empowerment :)
Thandrend. Have been using it for years, since before World of Warcraft came out. I think I was going for something related to Thor.
random for the sake of random.
my dh is named cupcake because why not?!
my wd is named after a flavor of gatorade because why not?
My main is my Female monk: Rein. Really no meaning behind it, I just perfer having a somewhat actual human name behind my charactors
Bercilak, the green knight old English tale. Tyris flair, female barbarian in golden axe Sega mega drive.
Arhat is my monk. An Arhat in Buddhism, is a "perfected one" who has attained nirvana. I strive for my monk to achieve nirvana, yet he is currently far from it.
LastTime for my monk = the last time i would be willing to reroll another character, thankfully i am REALLY enjoying monk over DH this time, got him to 32p too..
Ever since Halo 2, when I first signed up for Xbox Live, my Gamertag has been Indoormanatee..unfortunately blizzard wouldn't let me put that many characters in a Username, so I ended up with Indoor. My characters are all variations of Indoor... IndoorHunter, IndoorDoctor, IndoorMonk. etc.
my DH Flomachine - Florence and the Machine
Barb & main - Captain Beefheart
Oblio variations - Monks, Wiz
WD bad pun sry
He was born Horatio, but his penchant for balance and magic earned him the nickname "Ratio"
Tabernacle- I am Mormon. In the Mormon church is a choir called the Mormon Tabernacle choir.

Ilia- Had Homer's The Iliad sitting on my counter when creating my female monk.
Nubia- The witch doctors made me think of the ancient Nubians of upper Egypt. (Which is southern Egypt for those who don't know)
SIutFiend- Always named my assassin this in Diablo2. Sorry I sort of bypassed filter by using a capitol i since the filter wouldn't let me use a lower case L for obvious reason. (...I use an extremely more vulgar name for my amazon character in D2)
HIGHFATHER- From Disciples 2 the turn-base videogame. ("For the Highfather")
SophieXo- Sophie was my dog that died. :( (And of course hug and kiss)
Erebus (Erebos) is a Greek deity of darkness, spelling changed due to other accounts with same name, had since D2.
Faron is changed from Charon due to my misspelling it from memory. Charon is the ferry man to hell.
Ophelia - One of the characters from the anime series Claymore. A silver eyed witch who slaughters demons. A suiting name for my Demon Hunter.
Sadly, Xane was my randomized name on WoW. Stuck with it since, but don't play wow anymore.

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