What inspired your Diablo III character name?

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Alluvium is a type of dirt, which is earth, I named my barb Earth because he's solid, like a mountain.
Name after of course the greek mythology Centaurus....half horse half man specialized in Ranged weapons.
Asmodeous-Lord of the Nine Hells D&D
Cambion Black-First D&D character ever made
Severous-Favorite D&D character ever made
LaserMari is not difficult ~☆

I am the steel of my knives..

"the name "Sakuya Izayoi" was given to her by Remilia Scarlet"
"...she might have originally been a vampire hunter."

Not even drop..

Legacy Crossbow Enchantress
Buriza-Do Kyanon / Demon Machine
Barb - Iskra#1389
WD - Iskra#1389
Wiz - Iskra#1389
Monk - Iskra#1389
DH - Iskra#1389
Big Fat Ho? Because it is hilarious, and a reference to one of the finer underground skit comedy shows "The Buzz".
From the bravest Barbarian to the most driven Witch Doctor, every hero has a name they answer to. Most names do not come from the nether, however. Many are homages to ancestral homelands, respected warriors of old, or even fond relics of the past.

But does a name shape a hero or a hero shape a name?

For this week's community question, we want to ask you: What inspired your Diablo III character name?

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Oh no... you did not go there!

First... character names mean little or NOTHING in D3. This stupid battle tag blizzard forced us to use is now our character name, period.

Character names meant everything in D2. They had to be unique, and switching characters actually felt like switching characters.

Lastly... don't go there! A lot of people are sore over what blizzard did with character names in D3, and we're not gonna get over it!
All my characters are named from Berserk characters except one. I'm a huge fan of berserk so i figured i'd name my Barb Guts and my sorc Caska and my demon hunter Griffith.
greatest band of all time 311
Barbarian--> Gooner --> because im a massive fan of Arsenal Football Club. Nicknamed "the gooners"

Demon Hunter--> DannyArcher --> like leo decaprio's character in blood diamond. just thought it was funny.....

Because I like sausage.
Barbara - Female Singing Barb
CheezWiz - Funny Wiz
DocLeng - Crossed Eyed Witch
DemonYita - Small but terrible demon
Monkok - Famous Chinese Restaurant
The skill level I am at
Is it possible to report other peoples char names through the forums?
My monk, Bukebujie is named after a character from the Smiling Proud Wanderer series
My wizard, Ichinose is named after...
The barb name I use is Orson in honor of the great berserker from Record of Lodoss War. The other toons are based on people I know and myself.
My college friends (who are still my friends today) called me Domon because I bore a resemblance to this guy:


And yeah, we're anime / CCG geeks.

Kasshu = sounds like Cashew in english = what we call Kasuy nuts here in the Philippines.
I named my Diablo 2 character Domon and the name kinda stuck through the years.

As for my other characters:
2. Nina Rochini - Demon Hunter - named after my daughter.

3. Innopot - Monk - Named after my godson

4. Hida Kuon - Barbarian - I also play the Legend of the Five Rings collectible card game.
Hida Kuon is a Crab Clan Berserker and Champion of the Crab Clan.

5. Patchi - Witch Doctor - named after my godson's pet dog. My WD first started out with a Pets build when she first hit 60.
Sandwitch Doctor! ts obvously funny and i was hungry atm
Archangel Zerachiel ("God's command") is one of the primary angels who leads souls to judgement. An Angel of Healing, he is also the presiding angel of the sun, prince of ministering angels those who watch over mortals, and the angel of children, particularly children of parents who have sinned (and are therefore at risk of falling into sin as adults themselves). He is said to have dominion over the earth.

I though it was fitting for the lore. :)

TL;DR: Zerachiel is a Archangel
And it goes....

Nero: One of the most ruthless yet prosperous rules of Rome.
Leonidas: Cause this IS Sparta

And anymore to follow will be of Greek & Roman decent.

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