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I hope when Blizzard's devs go over items for the upcoming changes, they look at defensive things as well as "interesting" effects.

"Interesting" is all well and good, but it's simply not going to trump DPS in general without the overall game changing. I'm sure we're going to see both looked at, but nothing was said about defensive stats.

The decline in VIT that happens at 60 is more of an acceptance in valuing it less on items that have other stats that are great. That's fine, it's a trade-off. But so many legendaries don't roll VIT or, even worse, they don't roll Resist All automatically, and those with random affixes certainly may or may not roll either. Lacking RA on legendaries can be just as much of a killer for that item as could be bad DPS stats.

Mitigation and damage are two sides to the same coin: you can't survive if you can't deal the damage, and you can't deal the damage if you can't survive.

I hope the devs are looking at both sides.
I agree somewhat. Defensive Stats need to be made relevent again. But I don't think we have a lack of defensive stats, we have to many players that just won't use them. I've built my DH around defensive stats and I had no problem finding my gear at discounted prices. But the real problem lies with Blizzards habit of caving to the morons. They keep making the game easier which makes the players value defense less and less. I am consistantly placing gear on the AH with good offensive stats that won't sell because they also have defensive stats. The players seem to think its smarter to use pure offense and that defensive stat's are a wasted roll.

Just look at the DH'ers, 90% of them are Glass Cannons. Right now the Glass Cannons are calling for DH buffs because they can't compete with Barbs in higher MP levels. They have to stop shooting to kite, because they can't take a hit, so they want more offense. None of them will add more defense because they believe Blizzard will cave. But what's worse is their probably right, Blizzard will cave just like they did with Reflect Damage.

In order to fix this problem Blizzard needs to quit fixing mistakes with more mistakes. We don't need new items, we need the existing items to be made relevent again. Instead of increasing the difficultly by increasing the health points of monsters they need to increase the damage the monsters do. This will decrease the time it takes to kill them (making offense less important) but it will make them more dangerous (making defense more important).

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