I am so lost with my Barb it's not even funny

OK I am asking for some help from the pro's here.

I started playing Diablo when it first came out and made it to Inferno with my Barb, I wuit playing then and only just got back into the game a couple of weeks ago.

I am having some serious problems with my DPS, I have it sitting at 62k unbuffed atm but do not see to be able to get past MP1. I have managed to grind myself to Paragon 24 in the last 2 weeks by running public groups Act 2 Part 8 and up. I can handle that easy and don't die at all, even with the Elites and I am alone.

I need to do more damage thoug becuase now Paragon levels are taking forever at MP None

I think my gear and weapons are all wrong, I had 20m gold and spent all but 5m of it to get some better DPS armor and weapons. My Resist All has gone down quite a bit and so has my Health but got my DPS up from 43k to 62k.

Can some people please take a look at my gear and skills and give me some advice and pointers on what I am doing wrong and what I need to change. Please also explain why so I understand what I am doing wrong.

I was using my Templar as my follower but swapped to my Scoundrel, this seems to increase my DPS a little as well.

Any help is welcome and I look forward to it (also my skills).

Here is my character:


Thansk in advance for the help
welcome back.

First off change your skills. Try out the new builds. Search the forums for Phat's Double nado tuts and other places. I'm sure someone can link you directly.

When i first came back a few months ago i hit up public games trying to find someone to help me ingame as that's much easier and alot more immediate. Plus if you find a nice person they might give you some gear.

One big difference right now is there are plans that you can craft BOA (Bind on Account) Items that can be pretty godly and will up your DPS/EHP for a low gold cost (depending on your luck).

I'd suggest finding someone and just working with them on upgrades
Building dps breaks down into two basic components.

Your base damage which is made up of your weapons damage range+strength (and any other %damage modifiers), and your damage multipliers: the trifecta of crit chance, crit damage, and attack speed.

Your strength is good, although average damage could be higher. The main issue is how you balanced your multipliers. Attack speed was overpowered at release, but with the easy availability of crit nowadays, ias is now the weakest attack multiplier for increasing your dps. Not that it isn't important, just that crit chance and crit damage are far more effective when it comes to pumping up sheet dps.

Weapons are the largest source of crit damage, able to roll up to 210% on 1hers (base crit damage+socket), and 310% on 2hers. Next to weapons, jewlery pieces are your biggest slots for increasing dps, you are missing out on a ton of crit chance there. Ideal ratio for crit chance vs crit damage is 1:10. Eg) 50% crit chance, 500% crit damage.

We get a free 15% crit chance from passives (ruthless+weapon master) when using a mace or axe in the mainhand.

Also, even with good gear you will not be dealing a lot of damage with that skill build. Look up ww/sprint or hota/rend builds. They are based on the use of battle rage [into the fray] which generates fury when you land a crit, allowing you to spam your skills for huge amounts of damage.

edit: also you can add me in game if you have any questions.
See http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/7923873618 for a start. There are other effective builds, but you can get double tornado going well even on a low budget.
Uberjager budget WW barb guide:
Nubtro's WW & sprint tick explanation:
PhatPhoEater's budget WW barb guide:
Wayne's uber guide:



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