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Just to give you an example of what I am talking about, look at collections on Everquest 2, those are fun, people like to collect and it would contribute to bring back people from auction to the game.

The details I leave to the creativity of game designers but it would be very fun to have a huge book like the achievements one to fill with a fun collection of items (bind on account or not, again I leave those details the creatives).

The collection should be very hard to complete and would be nice from Blizzard to give those persistent players that finished the collection a unique item to show ingame to other players (maybe a vanity or a useful item, not sure). And the collections didn't have to end , you could unblock additional ones.

That would contribute to distinguish those really committed players that really played the game for hours and hours, from those that just played a few hours and just bought the top notch gear from RMAH.

It would be just another fun factor to the game, it wouldn't mess with game mechanics and economy because the collection items could be bound on account, it would give players another motivation to actually play the game and stop camping the auction and most important it would be very FUN because people like to collect things.

Just my 2 cents and my best wishes to the Blizzard team

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