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Since they're trying to redo the AH. I figured I would post what I thought the AH could be when I heard about it way back in development.

The Trading Post (Keep in mind. This is just a rough concept.)

Let me explain the UI


Asking for - 3-4 of the Item types you're looking for. Could be Weapons, Gems, Gold, or anything really.

Main Stat- Ask for the Main Stat you want on any possible trade. (Won't let you put it up otherwise)

Current Offers - How many Offers you got for the item up for trade. Max Offers is Undecided, Would need to be more then 10 though.

Offers for Trade

Gold Offered - You can add gold with your item to increase the value of the trade. Could be useful if you're low on gold. However it won't be a requirement.

Multiple Items - You can have a max of 4 items to trade for a single item. This can be anything thats not boa. (including quanity)

Approve & Deny - Instantly accept the trade, or deny it if it isn't what you're looking for. Done instantly, and the person who was trying to trade for the the seller's item. Wouldn't be able to again for 30m to 1 hour. (to avoid spam)

Just an idea for the AH. Accessible gear from trading, not buying.

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