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Tried googling it; came up with Blizzard is in the process of fixing this error. However it was last year when the blue post was made about the effort to fix the error. Have any results come with in the last year? Or am I SOL on the game that I paid 60$ for? If so what is the return policy? Thanks everyone! :)
I am also unable to open a new support ticket. The button is simply nonresponsive. I could open a ticket for it but.. wait nvm..

I have supported blizzard for years now. But this is kind of absurd.

It sounds as if you may have a connection-related issue. Since you're having a problem on our website as well as logging in, I'd check to see if you're using a proxy in Internet Explorer first.

This support article describes how to check.
Omrakos Thank you very much! I however don't run off a proxy. The ticket issue was resolved after I reinstalled my browser. I will open a ticket for my issue and hopefully find a fix for 3005. I also connected though my ethernet to prevent any port issues with my router. Still no luck. If I come to some conclusion on 3005 ill make sure to post it on the forums to help others resolve their own.

You should still check the Internet Explorer settings as the article I linked has you do. It just takes a couple of seconds. The launcher uses IE even if you do not and a setting could be changed you aren't aware of.

Other than that, I'd try the steps in this other support article as it can help with connection problems too.

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