Sudden, random lag spikes

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I've had an issue for quite a while with my computer, and I can't figure out how to fix it at all. At random intervals, I get sudden lag spikes for a second or two. I can tell that this isn't just an issue with my computer running slow, as everything animates properly while I"m lagging, and then suddenly "snaps" to where it should be when I reconnect (sadly, many times with my health suddenly "snapping" from full to empty). This isn't an issue with just Diablo 3, as I also lag in WoW and League of Legends, as well as have sudden lag spikes in Ventrillo.

I don't think it's a network issue, as it only happens on my computer, and doesn't happen to anyone else, even when the other person is playing the same game and sitting right next to me. I run on a wireless network, but the router is about five feet away from my computer. I currently run Windows 7 on a Dell laptop. I've tried several antivirus/antispyware scans and came up with nothing.

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