"Permanent" +50% move speed (Infinite Sprint)

HEADS UP: This is NOT a bug/glitch/exploit; it's just a build that regenerates enough Fury to Sprint infinitely.

I wanted to share this because I am having a blast with this build, even if it might not offer the best DPS. Using a number of buffs to Fury regeneration, you can generate Fury at a faster rate than it needs to be spent to get the maximum effect out of the Sprint skill; in other words, Sprint every 5 seconds and still maintain a net gain of Fury. It does not include movement speed gear like boots or Lacuni Prowlers, so you can even stack those on top of this for a maximum 75% movement speed buff. (With Frenzy + Vanguard rune, WotB, or both, possibly even 90%, 95%, or 110% respectively!!)

Skills/gear required:
  • "Sprint" active skill with "Marathon" rune
  • "Unforgiving" passive skill
  • "Animosity" passive skill (optional; read "How it works" section)
  • 5 "Immortal King" set pieces

How to Sprint infinitely:
Imagine you have exactly 20 Fury and use Sprint. Your Fury drops to 0 and you Sprint for 5 seconds. The exact moment your Sprint is over, you will have regenerated 24 Fury using the skill and gear setup above. Use Sprint again, wait 5 seconds, and you've got 28 Fury. Rinse and repeat.

How it works (or "The Math Behind It"):
The Marathon rune increases the speed bonus to 50% and the time to 5 seconds. The important part is the extra 2 seconds; the extra 10% speed is just a deal-sweetener. Sprint costs 20 Fury to use, so if we can generate 20 or more Fury within a 5 second period, we are generating more Fury than we "can" spend. (I say "can" because you "can" instead just mash the hell out of the Sprint button and waste all your Fury, but we'll consider that an edge case for all intensive purposes and instead assume you're only going to activate it every 5 seconds.)

Unforgiving obviously allows us to generate Fury without using any skills. This skill does 2 things: 1) it stops degeneration of Fury, and 2) gives us 2 Fury per second, or 10 Fury for the length of the Sprint. We're already half-way there!

The IK set pieces give us a buff called "Increases Fury generation by 2," which is pretty vague, but these guys did some research (http://www.reddit.com/r/Diablo/comments/zirjz/testing_ik_set_results_what_exactly_does_the/) and found that basically it applies the same benefit as Unforgiving, except it does not stop degeneration of Fury. This means another 2 Fury per second, or 10 Fury for the Sprint. That's 4 Fury per second, or 20 Fury per 5 seconds, the length of the Sprint. We've already hit the goal; theoretically you could carry out the Infinite Sprint from here, but you won't gain any net Fury. But wait, there's more!

The Animosity skill is applied after all of the other generation buffs, which increases Fury generation by 20%. This gives us 4.8 Fury per second, or 24 Fury per second.

To top this all off, I made a macro to make this even better. Using a program called ControllerMate, I assigned one of my programmable mouse buttons to an on/off toggle for a looping macro that auto-clicks my Sprint button (right mouse button) exactly every 5 seconds. I don't even have to watch the cooldown timer and try to time my clicks efficiently; I just toggle it on and I've got an instant, permanent movement speed buff.


Once again, I know a lot of people will think this is a totally garbage build, and I know there's a whole bunch of IK set haters out there, but I'm having too much fun with this build to keep it to myself. Let me know what you think.
Just a "heads up" the macro you are using is most likely bannable.

Also, why have thrive run if you cannot maintain zerker using such spec.

You can just use the standard RLTW rune and have zerker up 100% which kills faster AND runs faster then 50% marathon rune.

If you like the spec, more power to you.
lol sorry to burst your bubble but standard double tornado build can sprint indefinitely, given there are monsters around, without using IK set, unforgiving, or animosity.
03/06/2013 10:37 AMPosted by Ixir
You can just use the standard RLTW rune and have zerker up 100% which kills faster AND runs faster then 50% marathon rune.

I like the idea, but I've had a hard enough time trying to gear up to my lowly 46.5% crit chance (62.5% after passives and BR/WotB buffs)

lol sorry to burst your bubble but standard double tornado build can sprint indefinitely, given there are monsters around, without using IK set, unforgiving, or animosity.

That's kind of the purpose of this build; I hate walking around big areas like Fields of Misery looking for the Keywarden, so this helps to lessen the time I waste doing that.
The build is nothing new, people know that you can use IK set/unforgiving/pally follower for unlimited sprint, but the thing is you can farm much higher mp with different builds such as RLTW.

If I was to use your spec, which you choose to use I would replace ground stomp with hammer of the ancients, it will help you kill key wardens faster and keep up wrath easier for elites.

Most people broke the IK set once they realized that 120k Dps is easy to break now, raise mp to 4-5 and perms wrath with 40% crit chance.

IK set can be good but you have to pay literally millions to even come close to none set legendarys such as ice climbers, mempo, witching hour etc...

But like I said if its your cup of tea have at it! GL
Also really look into that controller macro program you are using, I'm pretty sure that's considered 3rd party which is easy to get banned for.
FYI OP: using macros in D3 will get you banned.
Lolololol hopefully you don't get banned immediately.
/me waits in anticipation for him asking why he is banned
If u wanna do this, its better to make a hardware macro, like a litle robot that keeps pushing the key every five seconds. It's not third party software, as it isnt even software, so...
Lol poor kid with enthusiasm.
just use ik 5 with standard dt/ww build and unforgiving as 3rd passive...best of both worlds
Like I said, it's not going to max out your DPS or anything, but it's just tons of fun blasting through lower MPs with this build (I can handle ~MP5-6 with my current gear/skill build). My least favorite thing about D3 isn't the poor itemization, the shameless gold sinks, or leaning on the auction house as a crutch; it is trudging through big open areas searching for monsters to fight. I love the combat in this game; I hate wandering about searching for combat. (This really only plagued acts 1 and 2, but I have to farm them for keys anyway.) This build alleviates a lot of my frustration by minimalizing the amount of time I spend finding packs of monsters. All the other builds work great too; I have tried them all. It's just really hard for me to go back to 12% movement after getting used to 62%.

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