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make a mojo that lets your pets level as long as they are alive
rune words are a good idea, but the only thing thats going to change whats going on is making more legends drop. maybe even combine legendary, set items with runewords, i wouldnt mind seeing a zunimassa's vision with buffed stats from a runeword
About legendary armors (chest, shoulder, pants, helm) over lvl 60, all of them should have at least [20-80] resist all. Gloves and bracers have dps stats, but what allows you to survive are the other ones and past lvl 60 what's the point of having armor without all resist ?
The hour glass - legendary source

Causes slow time to center on and follow the wizard who cast it.
The reaper 1hxbow
Black weapon damage
Attack speed 11-14% increase
100-225 dex
Hatred regen
Demon hunter skill
When you crit, chance that the next 5 shot to crit in a row
Shield maiden bracers
Idk about the particulars but would be cool that when hit has a chance to cast a guardian spell like guardian turret
I've got more but baby's crying
Legendary Bow Recipe:

Deadly Spine Bow of Dexterity
Binds to Account:
Legendary 2H Bow I-Lv. 63

+245-300 Dexterity
+5 Stats
+1 Socket
+Critical Hits regenerate X Discipline
This creature's curved spine would make the perfect weapon...

This bow would look like a it was made out of a demon's spine.
Im just confusing and nice idea to have life steal on belt for monk wd wizard and dh...

Himalayans Belt

100-200 main stats
100-200 vit
Life steal 3-5 is not bad
And 1 affix ( spirit regen, hatred, mana etc )
Im just confusing and nice idea to have life steal on belt for monk wd wizard and dh...

Himalayans Belt

100-200 main stats
100-200 vit
Life steal 3-5 is not bad
And 1 affix ( spirit regen, hatred, mana etc )
how about some more sockets in legendary weapons im sure people would love to have a legendary weapon that has more than 1 socket to put gems in. and maybe some more than just the hellfire ring to craft that people can sell that is not account bound. more jewelry for crafting would be nice (tradeable)
bring back the cube for legendary recipes. like random socket recipe, stat upgrades, add 1 more random maybe. and some legendarys that does like + all skills i miss that from d2
This. ^_^
I would like to see a legendary that is intended for the witch doctor, (but could possibly be used by other classes) that offers a chance to spawn a fetish warrior on attack similar to the passive skill for witch doctors. It is a cool effect, and kind of useful, but there are so many other good passives for WDs that I can't justify using that one even though I'd like to.
Grievous Ring of Greed:

All blue and white items are turned into gold as if you sold to a vendor. Ring varies from 60% to 100% of vendor value.

Ring comes with:
average damage (20-50 /50-100), resist all (60-80), crit chance (5-6%) AND +200 to one random primary stat. + 2 random Affixes

Ring is also cursed: -500 life regeneration.


All gold created by ring is dealt as damage to the wearer (if you could get it to bypass hurting armor otherwise would be pointless as it would just go right to repair costs).

Note: You can tell the guy below this post totally didn't read the thread before posting.
I'm seeing a lot of the same stats here but just with larger numbers on them. Legendaries need something unique about them. That's why in D2 they were called uniques. Each one needs something that will make you get excited about the item, many of them will need a non-existing stat on them to achieve this.
Make some ultra legendaries that are extremely rare! Give us something to get excited about.
Kindly refer to Diablo 2 for any and all new legendaries. Better yet just start to call them uniques. Everything in d2 was superior legendary wise. And you know why???????? Cues we had mother effing skill trees you goggly-eyed hobknobblers!
Shrunkin Head of the Hoard

WIth doctor source that gives a dps bonus per critter under your control

THis might make pet doctors viable in higher mp, increasing diversity/

Energy Shield

wizard source, allows portion of received damage to be redirected to arcane pool instead
Lag Spike Shoulders (Legendary Shoulders)
Armor: 594–671
+71–80 Resistance to All Elements
+241–265 Armor
One of 3 Magic Properties (varies)
+170–200 Intelligence
+170–200 Dexterity
+170–200 Strength
10.0–20.0% Chance to Freeze on Hit
+2 Random Magic Properties

Care Bear Chest Piece (Legendary Chest Armor)
15–16% Better Chance of Finding Magical Items
+100% to All Stats
One of 3 Magic Properties (varies)
+170–200 Intelligence
+170–200 Dexterity
+170–200 Strength
Empty Socket x3
+1 Random Magic Properties
Ideas on legendaries guys, not creating more gg legendaries -_-

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