why doesnt my set give me my (2) bonus?

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bought innas belt today on gold ah, to match the pants i found a long time ago. No bonus of +130dex. whats up with that
How long ago did you find the pants? Are they Inna's Temperance? They might be Legacy.
Most likely the pants are the legacy version. While your belt you just bought is the current version.
Oo i see, it was a long while ago. The pants say glory. Hmm dissapointing. Maybe thats why i had to jump through hoops to find the non legacy belt on the AH. (only 4 legacys :| )

KINDA lame considering i FOUND the pants.
My belt says temperance under the other options that i just bought... my pants say different things(and are also WAY lower armor than the temperance.) LAME i want a AH refund

looks like im saving for temperance. thanks for help!
Also, Inna's Temperance is sweet as hell.

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