Won Khim Lau and Top Tier Monks

I like my WKL.... my skills are not set up right, I was tempest rushing, but when I run cyclones and thunderclap..... awesome!
Top monks as in top list on dprogress?

I play with a lot of those guys. They don't log out with WKL because it lowers their heroscore and dps ranking.

The dprogress means nothing. A lot of them are very glass cannonish and die in fights against nasty elites. Lol

And using serenity when ranked top 10 just makes me giggle.
Seeing all this talk about great 1 hand weapons is making me think of switching, I cannot afford good ls 1h weapons as they cost a crapload but I might get lucky crafting :P.
i like WKL ;-)
it's all depend on which weapon suits our need the best...

let's see
A. OP's Off Hand - Shadow Breaker: 1104.3 dps/134dex/208cd/2.6LS

B. AnHiLaToR's WKL - 972.3dps/16dex/209cd/6lightning dmg/22lightning skill

which is your favorite?
how many of these godly weapon available and how many of us can afford to have one... heee.
I just love both..
03/11/2013 07:27 PMPosted by gotaplanstan
For dual wielding, nothing (in my eyes) compares to a CD+LS+OS rare sword for a MH with a CD+OS WKL OH though.

Totally Agree,

I enter combat and engage SW->Blazing Fists->FoT & Mantra->3 full hits of Deadly ReachThen I quickly hit BF(just tap it) to refresh 3 stacks(15% ias) everytime i spam mantraI also engage another round of Deadly Reach whenever i want to either refresh 30 seconds, or gain another 8%.It allows me to run around w/ 480+ paper dps the entire time I am in combat(then I gain 23% from WKL and 48% MoC)This combination is very easy to run, smooth and martial arts like. I have played A LOT of monk w/ many different styles. 2H and monk is just silly, the slow aps doesn't make sense w/ how we regen spirit imo. But, to each their own.

Same thing I do as well,

DPS skyrockets to 570k and ubers go WTF did I get into with this kid,... and by the time they say that,they are dead or dieing!

Eh, I'm perfectly happy without wkl but that's just me. I did rock it once with a Maidstone that was fun! But I enjoy my monk as is without.
06/08/2013 09:56 PMPosted by Edmericanpie
I just love both..

if i could get my hands on a shadow breaker to replace the EF.... damn!
I honestly don't know how anyone can play without infinite TR'ing around, it is too much fun and far faster than anything... even dash......

Instead of lumbering around trying to avoid arcane beams or desecrations, you can hit TR and quickly move without actually costing any spirit.... Sure there's dash, but I've found it is not nearly as easy to use as TR for moving to specific spots around an elite.

I tried a DW wkl/EF combo and just found it too annoying trying to move around avoiding arcane beams/desecrations, even with dash and trying to use TR with that takes too much spirit.

I TR around on Fields of Misery on mp7 and gather up ~200 mobs and take em down. (anymore than that and the server lags too much and gets too hard to keep the group of mobs together. Could do the whole map otherwise.) If I had better gear I could do that comfortably on higher mp levels (each piece of my gear costs less than ~30 mil, some much less than that.)
forum in Brazil, we have a ranking of DPS based on FoT+Thunderclap (unbuffed)


in practice WKL cause much damage
They just like to look nice on sheet (ok same for me :D ), doesn't mean they don't have a pair of WKL in stash..
(OS+LS and OS+ CD)

I still remember telling a frd of mine WKL > EF and ask him to consider to change. However, he just say
"I only care about the dps displayed"....

BTW, he used his FoT build most of the time and chased the elites like half the map... very annoying...
I use Cyclone strike to yank back anything feared. I have higher DPS weapons but I can get many cyclones out fast with EF/WKL doing crazy damage. The WD and Wizards really appreciate the cyclone strike too in parties to pack everything up for AoE. Things get killed way faster than if I went full dps or silly bells.
Holy Necro.

I think we've come to a consensus in the last 6 months: Bells put out more DPS easy, especially against mobs and especially with nirvana.

WKL is still very fun to use and does really well against single target bosses.
<---There's a beast of a Monk using WKL and EF.

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