an unexpected error occurred while tyring to install

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whats next?? "Diablo 3 not installed"
03/12/2013 08:11 AMPosted by SMEAGALS
blizzard asked all malaysian player quit the games lolx @@

Hehe...really funny..:D
: (
when can fix it???
Tsk tsk tsk :(
contact customer support for??? same... keep waiting...
god, after maintenance i get this msg while launch the game!!!!!
anyone got this problem???

CB Bliz always keep us in the loop. Nothing serious have been taken to action since I first pre-order the game. Either dc or runtime error.

The frust since the beginning of D3.

I wonder if it has something to do with Heart of Swarm (HoS).

I think the Devs are more focus with SC2: HoS atm. And keeping us at bay.. knnccb
I had been avoiding dwling the whole installer for a US version up till now...... coz internet in aussieland is not unlimited downloads...... but looks like it is time.

OR maybe blizz can provide a patch to convert our SG into US? please?
03/12/2013 08:20 AMPosted by DrOfDeath
I'm in Australia and getting same message...

Same here why do we get this after every patch?
same at Malaysia here, only can log in Asia and Europe server now.
from Malaysia too....T.T
Why always this things happen..everytime unexpected error occurred while tyring to install...sigh...
from malaysia too, 1! knn -,- ! add me guys xD
How long must wait...dam..uninstall reinstall....same happen....from malaysia 2....1 Malaysia...LOL
duno how long to wait , my hardcore lvl 57 , i wan lvling now a ! knn caocb Najib fault ~
Did everyone with enSG still screwed by this patch? Any miracle so far?
Still no response from bliz. Looks like they dont really care about us.
i want to finish my lv paragon 97.....pls...fix it..blizz..pls

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