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Hehe, but if all that gear had all resist tagged on it imagine how much it would cost. ;) Or, for example, take out an offensive stat on each piece of gear and swap it for all resist and/or vitality. The cost of the gear would remain relatively similar but you'd be trading dps for all resist/vitality or dps for ehp. There's always some trade off. :) That's all I'm saying.

Having said that, I think that overall ehp is cheaper than dps. For example, a piece of gear with CC/CD/all resist will be less than gear with CC/CD/AS. So gearing for high dps glass cannon isn't cheap, but it's cheaper than gearing for high dps *and* high ehp. Get what I mean?
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Bubba - I think the point is budget. Not everyone has massive elite kills and the budget to gear really high dps AND really high ehp at the same time. So, people with limited playtime and budgets have to make a choice. They can gear glass with high dps, or balanced, or more tanky with less dps. I think the point is they can choose to gear glass, get very high dps, and not spend a fortune in time/money (time is money friend!) on gear. If they learn to play and are skilled in not getting hit they can have high dps without spending the significantly high additional cost of getting high ehp with high dps.

awwwwwwwww come on merlin.... we agree on so much stuff... LOLOLOL... While I can agree to a point with what you are saying regarding "budget" statements.... budgets are generally according to what you have available as gold. This affects a lot of lower-gc builds but doesn't necessarily translate to higher DPS GC Builds.

price these out for me in your head:

137 DEX
ASI 8%
CC 6%

27-58 DMG
112 Dex
42 Vit
7% ASI
88% CD
7.5% CC

33-66 DMG
85 DEX
6% ASI
42% CD
4.5% CC

Nat Reflection Ring:
33 Min Damage
86 Dex
9% ASI
36% CD
3.5% CC

189 Dex
67 VIT
8% ASI
39% CD
9.5% CC

Marquis Gems = 6 (5 Emerald and 1 Ruby)

Lets kinda "stop" at the moment and reflect on the above listed gear.... that is some of the gear Flight shows on diabloprogress. I'm not seeing "budget" in this gear. I'm guessing just those pieces... are in the multi billion range at this point combined.

Where is budget?

BTW... Nice gear you got Flight :)

We didn't state that we built a budget DH. When we say its less expensive, we are directly comparing this to the tank style, which is attempting to build dps and ehp. Often times, there are Tank DH's geared well in which their crit mempo cost more than both our gears combined (not including gems). We are roughly in the 1 bil range and probably a little over. The tank DH equivalent to rival our dps would cost roughly 10+ bil at least. This is a HUGE difference in gear cost. Instead of paying more for defense, we decide to step. If either Flight or I had 10 bil+ to spend on our DH, we would achieve quite a bit more dps than we do now, because we would be spending that for pure offense.

For those on a budget, this route is a lot cheaper to achieve "decent" dps. The moment you start adding 65+ all res and vit to any equipment and the gear cost sky rockets. This is more so of what we mean.

As far as flight's gear. Flight acquired those after the new patch went live. The gloves, ammy, and cuni's are much less expensive then they were because of the new BoA craft. There are no where near the multi billion range as of the current.

you made me reply again.. LOLOLOL

I was replying to Merlin .... ... and I wasn't saying it was built on a budget... that noodle head brought it up (no offense to any of you out there who are noodleheads)... was showing it was probably not built on a budget (hides from Merlin).

and You may be more correct in today's market might not be quite as much (other than lacuni/rings as those aren't craftable) as pre crafting changes.


you made me reply again.. LOLOLOL

I was replying to Merlin .... ... and I wasn't saying it was built on a budget... that noodle head brought it up (no offense to any of you out there who are noodleheads)... was showing it was probably not built on a budget (hides from Merlin).

and You may be more correct in today's market might not be quite as much (other than lacuni/rings as those aren't craftable) as pre crafting changes.



I agree with all what my friend Die said :) Our Dhs are way less expensive than balanced high dps DHs and we can do the same things as they do (which was proved in the video). Also like Die said my gears are way less than multiple B, the most expensive was 500m. About the marquises i played the GAH and RMAH with couple radiant stars and 20m i end it up with 22m and 5 marquises lol.

Also you guys have to understand that IMO i picked the glasscanon build for the fun i get playing it. I have a CM wiz i know what a tank can do and trust me it is SOO boring compare to how me and die play those DHs. Im a Call of Duty player, i cant play a game without having the adrenaline that comes with it. I prefer that over being more efficient... and by far.

~Glasscanon All The Way~
Happy Hunting all :) ... and I'll try and refrain from replying again ... I don't want to come across in any kind of snide way as I do truly believe all should be able to build how they want and play how they want whether it is our style or not to follow in those footsteps. Hope to see you out in game sometime. :)

Always a pleasure to see you in game..
I was referring to this definition of budget. "c : the amount of money that is available for, required for, or assigned to a particular purpose."

I never said it was LOW budget. :P Budget is the amount of money you have to spend. If you have 1-2 billion gold you can't get everything on every piece of gear. You have to make sacrifices somewhere, right? The balanced player will try to find a good mix of stats, the tank will focus more on vit, resist, armor, the glass dps will try to focus on dps stats with the budget they have available and have less focus on survivability stats.

My point is all of those approaches are viable.
Right :)
Pretty nice!! but it sayd 200k dps unbuff on d3 progress. Anyway nice DH if you are interested you enter the standard for our glasscanon build clan ( check link below)



Post on the thread if you are interested and ill add you in game if u do so :)
On my DH I am kind of stuck...I am doing 138K dps, but that is with a Windforce. I won't spend actual money on AH for a nice calamity, would really like a witching hour belt, but I think that I am going to go another direction on the belt. The depth diggers I have are about to lose their usefulness with MF (if you can call it useful) I am thinking about trying to get innas pants and belt. With the right setup could be really nice. Still trying to role a great dex amulet, but I am starting to lose faith on that possibility. I have a good one that I found and could make quite a bit selling it on the AH, but I won't do that until I have a better replacement.

Surviving on MP6-10 ins't that hard, I see more barbs dying and whining than anything else. I just keep moving. Can tank if I want, but not for long, and won't be able to do it without a windforce, because it has knockback. Mostly get killed by lag spikes more than anything. I am beginning to doubt I will find a Calamity in game. Have found plenty of Windforces, but maybe after the update patch 8 the windforce will get a jump to help match the damage of the manticore and the calamity. I too am getting sick of seeing the same builds for high dps, there needs to be more build diversity. No offense, but I don’t like looking like everyone else.

What should I try and replace first? I think it needs to be my weapon to make the biggest difference, but I will need to replace the belt and pants sometime. I am pretty happy with everything else, but will upgrade them if the opportunity presents itself.

I would really like to see the necromancer come back in the expansion though. Bone prison the ground like in D2 and the barb will just have to sit there and watch.
This looks like fun, I have sort of setup my DH for strafe XP farming....It gets boring after a while.

Could one of you take a look at my DH and help me adjust the gear and abilities/Passives to make me more effective, I only have 3 mill to play with

With all respect to the Glass Cannons, here is an example of the "other" playstyle.
Facetanking. With extreme carpal tunnel and old enough to be your dad.
Please no haters, just trying to share.

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