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Is anyone else getting booted from their games.

I thought it was a connection problem at the start, but that has been checked and checked again. All is actually fine. I play other games and have no problems at all.

My latency is fine.

It does not boot me out altogether, just to the Act Selection screen.
It really sucks when you have just got your 5 stack.
Same here,playing for abbout an hour or so,then it disconects,hapened a couple of times during the last couple of hours,c'mon blizz fix tose issues.....-.-
This random disconnect is really annoying. Especially while playing Hardcore. I thought it was because maybe i was playing on a older laptop. Nope. I played with a brand new lap top the other day and the same thing happened. Game freezes between 15 to 60 secs, then i get disconnected.
Bump. experiancing the same problem.
Bump for a response from Blizzard.
Same problem here, has happened twice so far.
and again
Just happened to me again while I was playing Hardcore.
I have been disconnected over 6 times today. It makes the game almost unplayable. I just made it almost to Diablo and disconnect.

With this many people it can't be the network. Unless everyone is in Australia.
Happening to me too over the last 5 hours I've be disconnected about 10 times.
I'm almost certain it's not my ISP's fault. I'm using Verizon's 4G LTE. The tower is literally only a couple hundreds yards away from my house. I'm able to play online with my PS3 with no issues what so ever. This is the only game I'm having issues staying connected and its happening for a couple months now.
New patch has been causing this as well.
Last time I was with a great random group and thought Hey, let me check my recent players list if I can rejoin them. All 3 were In Menu's. Meaning all of us were kicked, so not an isp unless coincidentally we all got bad treatment from ISP at the same time.
Also ISP issues tend to disconnect, so theres a time out delay. This was instant.

Please provide an answer to this problem. This is not an ISP issue for me as well. I currently experiance a DC every 5 minutes, which makes the game unplayable. This has been happening since the latest patch (1.07A).
5th maybe 6th DC tonight, so much rubber banding that i cant play at the moment.
please some one try and fix this.
Been happening to me as well, i called my server, all is good, im not using a laptop, my pc is connected directly to the modem. Booted me twice last night, all within an hour.... would really like some kind of explanation....
bump for answer, happening to me only since after the 1.07a release.
Same here, happens a lot when I log in, and also happens randomly when playing.

I started the game up after a while not playing and if this is still occurring after a YEAR then I don't think I will play anymore, especially because I started up a hardcore character.
bump for Blizz response.

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