ShockNadoShards(SNS), a CM/WW build [guide]P2

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An impostor.
Hey there Pie,

Been awhile since I last posted on part 1 of this guide. Still a wonderful guide and definitely helped me in my early days even before creating a SNS wiz! Now it's running pretty good so far. Though there are rooms for improvement.

I was wondering if any of you encounter problem with freeze-locking ubers at >2.73 APS and 54.5% CC? I am not sure if it is due to the APS, or the CC.

In addition, I am kind of stuck in terms of gear. I recently crafted a new ammy and it's sick, just lack of IAS/LOH. Thus, I'm running at only a little over 400LOH, still manageable, but I definitely eat up pots more often than usual. I am looking to upgrade my ring to one with LOH (would be expensive), or try my luck in crafting another ammy since it's the main item that put me in this spot.

What do any of you guys suggest?

Edit: Realised that I am in archon build and leveling items (Hellfire & Leoric's), thus my actual rings are not shown. One of which is a Natalya, with 8% IAS and 5% CC, 232 armor. Another is a rare ring with 9% IAS and 4% CC, with 126 int.

Hows it going? Looking pretty good. I have very few complaints! You're a little light on AR and heavy on armor....ofc, that's what i've been doing for awhile myself. I'd keep rolling bracers till i found ones with AR. I'm sure you could handle MP6 and 7 no problem. Might be a little low on resists for 8, but certainly doable.

Good job!

Hey there. And yes, this is the same as part 1. I reached 500 posts on the thread and after that it i just ported the info over to "P2"

I guess it depends on what you want to do in MP10. Farm? no really ought to have 4500 armor and 750 all res and 150k DPS to hang in there....and taht's for SNS. If you're running normal CM with energy armor you will fare better...but your DPS will be about 40% lower. Running storm armor shocking aspect adds all that extra damage. The most I farm is MP8 with SNS and my 130k DPS. Any higher just takes too long and isn't efficient.

Now, you can probably do uber runs with friends who have alot more DPS. You can hang through 5 elites and ubers and help makes things alot easier.
been slow goin tryin to patch togather this first time wiz.but alot of fun to play.thank you for advice.
Oh dear Lord. I am always willing to admit when I am wrong, and boy was I wrong about this one. Just came back to D3 and thought I would roll a wizard a couple of weeks ago. Did the whole Blizzard, Hydra thing withDisentegrator because that is what I saw most Wizards doing many many months ago. And I got stuck in my habits. Eventually switched to Spectral Blades to advance, but was having to trudge through MP4 with my Spectral, Blizzard, Frost Nova build. Archon still makes me want to hurl, so I haven't tried that.

So, anyway, I figured, what the heck. Try the CM/WW build everyone has been talking about. LMAO, two words: FACE ROLL. Mobs melt like butter.

I was worried about not having a primary weapon to shoot the one or two white dudes that come up on you all the time, and I had just given the Enchantress a new weapon. So when I see all these dudes just vanishing into death as a walk along, I am like "Dang girl! You must be going nuts with your new weapon!!"

Uhm, no. that would be the Shocking Armor, duh. But I still don't have great gear, probably wouldn't even say good gear. And I was worried about those reflect, morter, plague, archane, et al mobs with massive explosion and desecration damage since I no longer have Prismatic Armor.


Going to have to bump up the MP, obviously.

Anyway, thanks for the guide. Tremendously helpful.

Yes....the Uber fight with Siege and Kule is tougher....the made it so Siege now breaks CC. Check out the thread below for what do to now:
check out the comments by Neuon and myself after that.

Nice crafts! Not the best ammy, per se, but it probably does have all the VIT that you'll ever you won't need to stack it anywhere else....which is pretty awesome in itself. That leaves LoH on your way around it. I'd suggest looking for similar pants but with near max LoH....over 450. That way you can have 350 on your ring and make ~800. LoH doesn't go as high as on an ammy, and like you said, its expensive.
I've been running into wizards in mp10 who are using this build with a black weapon with triumvirate for what they say is end game dps.

This obviously means not coming close to the 2.74 breakpoint on ww, so what aps do you aim for and what amount of crit do you need to sustain stutter lock with that setup?
I am having trouble finding areas to increase my DPS without losing my ability to survive.

I have looked to adding Critical Chance to Storm Crow but i will lose AR. So i thought i could then add AR to Blackthorn's but when i ran that through a DPS calculator my damage seemed to be the same.

I could always upgrade my amulet or gloves but i will lose AR.

If you have any ideas let me know, thanks.

You can still make 2.73 with black weapon (with IAS) and just have to have IAS on pretty much everything else. It's really difficult to hit high DPS that way (and maintain mitigation)....but it certainly can be done. Just takes billions of gold. Just remember, I don't care if you're hitting 300k DPS with black weapon/trium but running Energy Armor - I'll do more damage with my 140K DPS running with Storm Armor. And if you're at 300k but gear like a glass cannon (no All res or armor), then that's no good either. I can stand in the middle of pretty much any desecrator, plagued, take molton explosions....and keep DPS'ing unstopped. If you're glass cannon then you're running away, having to lock up enemies again, blah, blah, blah....I've already killed the elite and moved on to the next. Paper DPS is one thing (epeen)....but efficiency (which requires a tanky build with armor and all res) is another.

Boozor hit ridiculous endgame DPS with a Chant set:
(notice....even though his armor is low, he still has over 800 All Res, which afford him adequate EHP...esp since he's killing things so freaking quickly! edit: just saw that he's using glass cannon to get to 400k....which is kinda cheating....but still)

Most of my old advice still stands for you....AR/Armor BTJM, for instance. How about this though:

VW: 640 Armor, 150 STR, 190 INT, 80 VIT...cost is less than 5M

WH: 70+ all res, 40+ CD, as close to 300 armor as you can. Not sure about the price here...but can't be too bad.

SC: 5CC, 400 LoH, 400+ Armor, cost will be around 20M. Ofc, 4.5 will be nearly as good but cost alot less.

Basically, you've lost 200 armor on your WH, but picked up 100 on your VW. Came out even on All Res moving it from SC to WH. And the big plus is addding 5CC. That will add about 4K DPS (and getting you almost to 50CC....which will make the freeze and windup better)

You could also stack a crapload of VIT on your Pants (and keep armor too) (like i did....over 250! I have AR though). You then could drop the VIT on your Lacunis and add 70 AR. then you could drop AR from your gloves or ring and add CD (which will get you over 100k).
Hello PieHole, Europe CM Wizz here.

I'm actually at the dead point. Any up for me is very expensive. Nat ring with CC and All res 100m+, Mempo with CC 100m+, good TelRasha chest 75m+. Nat boots are the cheapest, becouse good ones (90+Int, 40+Vit) cost 'only' 35m+. What i should farm first? Or mayby u have any advices?


Yeah...things are expensive....but there are TONS of little things you can do to tighten your gear up:
VW: 640 Armor, 150 STR, 180 INT, 80 VIT. Under 5M (US prices, of course)
SC: 5 CC, 400 armor, 450 LoH (20M)
Dun Cross: Junk, hate it. You have 3 sources of LoH which you don't need. Go rare: trifecta plus Vit or %life
Lacunis: AR and CC. You are not at the 2.73 breakpoint...which is optimal for LoH return and CM procs (which will help freezing and survivability). these probably are that expensive anymore.
Chest: add something here...."melee" damage is a wasted stat. Add AR, even 30 is not wasted (if you can get it for the right price)
belt: you actually have a pretty nice belt ;-)
Gloves: pretty nice also
Wand: gem could use an easy upgrade to 90%...that's not that costly...and 20CD is huge.
Pants: more AR or VIT.....I just went to 269 VIT on mine
Boots. You can easily get the same boots but with 150+ DEX. great for dodge. Only a few mil. And be on the lookout for maybe 70 INT, 50 VT...soemthing like that.
Force: Could get one with 200+ int or INT/VIT or INT/STR.
Left ring: back off on the CC a bit (to 4 or 4.5CC (you'll still be over 50 overall)) so you can afford to add in CD
Nats ring: there has to be some room to add in another affix. CD, or more INT, or OS, or VIT.

Lots of little thing to work on b4 worrying about huge expensive ones!
Good morning,

I was wondering if I can get an opinion about what to upgrade next? I find it hard to decide on upgrades because I know it's all a balancing act. I was thinking going for a higher dps chant wand, then trying for a cc storm crow. I know I need to upgrade my rings, but am not sue which would be better to upgrade first. I'm able to farm mp4 currently, but would love to advance. Any opinions would be great.

Can find my profile at

Thank you!

Quite a few nice crafts you have! Has everything you'd want in a bracer, almost (just like mine, basically, except armor instead of STR). Gloves are a solid trifecta (I just rolled 100 gloves, with no luck)....and shoulders are good too (though I'd keep trying (2 wasted affixes, you need one to roll armor)).

I guess there are lots of little things I can suggest:
Chant Force with some other main stat (STR, VIT, 200+ INT)
Ice climbers with armor (otherwise, similar to yours) or
Nats set (Boots: 150+ Dex, 90 INT, 600+ Armor, 75+ All res & Ring (replace right ring): 60+ All Res, 80+ INT, armor/vit)
BT Pants: depends on budget....ones with AR and Armor....or Armor/200+VIT or AR/200+VIT
Left ring (if you replace right ring with Nats): something like 4CC, 8/9 IAS, 60+ AR, INT
weapon (if you replace Left ring with more IAS): 1.72 or 1.73 weapon with alot more DPS
SC: 5 CC, 400+ armor, 400+ LoH....but only if you add 70+AR elsewhere first!

These are just a few suggestions! You are very low on AR. Its expensive to put on chest...cheaper on pants. but you can put it on rings first, which seems alot cheaper. And after you save enough gold you can put it on your chest/pants.
Thank U very much for your advice. Now i know what 2 buy. I bought Dun Cross, becouse i wanted get some life (+100 vit set bonus). Now i will target something like 9CC 9AS VIT/@ res, and CD if possible in future. Mayby some crafting.

But i don't have idea which one MP i should farm for items & paragons. MP1 with archon, or MP5-6 witch CM?
@pie, i took your advice and made some recent upgrades. I got my armor/AR up while bumping my dps from 100k to where I'm at now. I can farm mp5-7 comfortably pretty comfortably but now i want to make that mp10 jump. Any advice you can give me would be appreciated. thanks!!
hi everyone:

just made my first entry-level SNS wizard, spending around 15 million in all. i'm pretty content with it as I can go through the mid-MP's without a problem and have already done mp7 ubers. very cost efficient IMO.

can someone take a look and see if there are any glaring changes that may be made for less than 10 million? my armor seems a bit high and my AR seems a little low, but I suppose they are offsetting each other as I don't die very often. i'm trying to work in CD somewhere to boost my DPS significantly, but no idea where I can change or improve without spending a fortune.

any ideas? either way, thanks for the guide. it's awesome.
03/19/2013 12:01 AMPosted by Raphael
any ideas? either way, thanks for the guide. it's awesome.

Craft some better bracers and try to get more CHD on your gear to up your damage.

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