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Greetings fellow WD's,

I've been playing since the start and my guy is pretty built now. I do mp7 pretty quickly, but I'm looking to boost my DPS so that I can move up an MP level or two.

I see the 'top' guys are around 400k or so, but that isn't practical for me as I need the LS on my weapon and I don't want to over-inflate attack speed such that I start to have mana issues. I do think that perhaps another 50k is possible without sacrificing playability.

My current stats are ~

237k dps (With Scoundrel, no other buffs though)
800 resists average
50k life

Enough mana regen with GF/BR/GI that I rarely if ever run out of mana spamming bears, including walk with honored guest to recharge when getting low.

What can/should I shoot for in terms of gear to improve my DPS further?

The litany and perhaps Marrow seem like good candidates on initial glance, but I think the 14% damage reduction might be my key to surviving higher MP's with the stats above.

Also I think the 4 set Zuni is probably necessary to maintain the bear spamming abilities.

Could I ever roll a better set of gloves? Something else?


Thanks in advance - Axxe
Your zuni pox ring is only a 3.5% cc - you can take that to 6% and get one with high intellig or added damage and that will raise your dps a bit.
Dude, your DPS is high enough where you should be running MP10 solo no problem. You don't need more DPS. I think your build is a bit strange and it also looks conservative.
Since you are already using GI + GF check out Raki's build which is a ZBear/Sac build which I posted up on this page. Give that a try and I think you can jump at least two MP levels, if not right into MP10.
I've got a few ideas that I honestly haven't taken the time to see if they'll increase your DPS or not, but they're worth looking into.
--You could get gloves with either added CD, or switch out the IAS on them for CD.
--I love TOTD(and yours with crazy INT) for when I'm using GI, but if you considered switching that passive, you could get a Serpent with Regen and/or Reduced Zombie Charger, along with higher CC. Think if you're casting 1.5 bears per second, a -10 to the cost of bears is equal to 15 Mana Regen per second.
--The CC on Pox is a spot I notice you could possibly upgrade w/out too much trouble.
--Especially if you get CD on your gloves, look into a Ruby for your weapon. It'll probably be close to the emerald, but it's worth checking if it's higher.

Good luck.
Gloves: get rare tri fecta's with high int roll instead of T&T. You can try your luck at crafting there too.

Chest: Higher vit roll instead of the life regen. Trying to get 190+ int, 250+ vit with either armour/life%/melee or ranged reduction are good

Rings: pox needs to have cc/avg dmg and int roll (or socket)
Change out your cd rolled litany for a cd rolled unity and you'll see a large dps bump (but lose the AR which you really dont need).

Mojo: It is hindering you with dps. You can try to find a zuni or UkS that can roll 10% cc and higher avg dmg. Finding one that also has mana regen, zombie charger reduction, and vital would be elite. In upper MP you really don't nee the 20 PUR that TotD provides unless you run a build like Raki does.

Weapon: Hard to find a weapon that is blk dmg, LS, CD, with OS to out dps yours... but a slower weapon would benefit you with bears since bears are calculated off the weapon damage and not the dps of the weapon. It would also help with mana consumption which would help your need to get it from GI/GF. - Also a Ruby benefits more in your weapon currently over an Emerald by 600 dps (probably not enough to spend money to get one)
Thank you very much, the WD community here is great! I've taken the advice in the thread; doing Rak's build and mp7 seems faster now. I tried mp10 and it's dooable albeit slowly and I got faceplanted quite a bit. Mostly I think because I'm careless and prefer just to try to bulldoze everything.

I think the crafted gloves are going to be next; I priced Unity and a better Pox and unless I win the gear lottery, it'll be quite some time on those.

Chest as well; I think that 7% reduction is going to be needed especially if I swap out the litany.

Thanks! - Axxe

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