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Witch Doctor
Hey all, I know these threads prob get old but I'm hoping to get some tips. I rolled a CM wiz thinking it was the best toon to start farming with until I partied with a guy named Diety who blew my mind. I promptly quit the game and rolled a WD. Now here I am, newly 60, nearly broke, and not quite where I want to be with DPS (could be lack of skill on my part also).

The goal is extremely fast xp runs through the keeps - basically melting mobs w/ acid rain. I've ran him through several times and I find myself getting hung up on elites, and sometimes even trash packs (not skellies). Trying to get into the 1-shot mob club, anyone have any advice? Perhaps a DPS (and other stats)you're currently face rolling this kinda stuff with would be great
On what MP, zero?

You have nice stats and gear, not sure what issues you're having exactly. You seem to know what you're doing! Though the fetish army seems a bit out of place....I don't have a ton of experience with them, but it seems like a slow skill compared to your goals.

Hex or Mass Confusion may do you better on the elites you slow down on.
I think you need to focus on one of the speed builds in the guide. If you are having trouble killing elites, determine which one you like best and try them out. Index to Witch Doctor Builds and Guides

Also, your attack speed is high and is useless for killing with AC. AC cannot be spammed and it does not stack except for the first hit. So throwing AC faster doesn't improve DPS.

AS does speed up the cast animation of bears and this may be hurting you because you are probably not proficient at using bears.

Usually, a speed runner's weapon is a slow black damage 1 hander with no crit and may or may not have life steal, something like a 1200+ DPS spear. The objective is to put maximum damage on every cast.

Anyway, look at the builds, re-arrange your skills, new weapon, consider losing some AS.

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