Legendary drop patterns - your most common?

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I've noticed a pattern, I seem to always find the same group of legendaries, constantly.

1. Wizard Hat
2. Two Handed Sword
3. Fist Weapon (set)
4. Shield
5. Spirit Stone

Seriously, 99% of the time if a legendary drops it's from one of these categories.

Over the past week I've found at least 50 legendaries. The only ones which were not of the above categories were a set amulet, a Nat's ring, a skorn, a Nailbiter, an IK boots, and a BK Solemn Vow.

I'm just curious to see if anyone else has noticed patterns for themselves either for specific legendaries (for me, I find Dark Witch's Shade ALL THE TIME) or for item types in general.
Mine are lvl 60 hand crossbow, spirit stones,poop set hand cross bow, hell rack, andys, the list goes onnothing good ever lol
Always Spirit Stone
i get a ton of innas spirit stones and bad hand crossbows and an occasional ivory tower
Wizard hat like one every hour i wish it was a mempo or something good
i oways got a hell of bow, crossbow, nats ring, nats cloak & items relate to demon hunter in which i didnt play at the moment. Didnt suppose Blizzrd has promise to solve this issues back then in v1.0.4.
strongarm bracers and gladiator gloves alllllllllllllll the time, its crazy....
3.Chantos Force
Mine seem to come in waves. For example one week I'll get 3 skorns, 5 andys, multiple crossbows, and a bunch of gloves. Most recently I've got 2 EFs, 4 crossbows, about a million wizard hats, 4 or 5 Vile Wards, and a couple different rings.

But yeah I get what you're saying. Most of mine I can predict within a small category as soon as I see the little star on my map.
Completely agree. I feel like once you see one, the likelihood of you seeing it again increases (I realize this cant be true due to rng, but it seems like that's the way it works. Haven't had a leg drop in a few days and I know I'm getting another crappy pair of fire walkers :( here's to hoping its something though!
Although I disagree on the "continuously getting the same round of items", I do hate when you get the same legendary you've already got..and of course, it's useless. Hopefully the Legendary upgrades that are planned for future release will decrease the "oh great, another useless item" feeling when a legendary drops.

I've had doubles so far of inquisitor, frost burn, Triumvirate.... When you have a look at the number of other legendary/set drops you can get... COME ON! Why not one of them?! :)

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