Critical Mass - A Love Story rap video

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Love it!
Very nice. Stuck in my head for sure.
i can't get rid of the lyric. what have you done?!
Melkor for president!

awesome lyrics, this should be in the compendium!
I requested sticky
03/15/2013 09:25 PMPosted by JellzRoc
I requested sticky

Same and liked the video 13x..multi accounts on YT is OP/IMBA !
break ya finga ftw. good job!
Great job!
thought i was going to be embarrassed for you, but damnz...
great flo and great tonality.
you need to re-record this on some fo'real equipment...seemed a lil could make this teh jamz!

LOOOOOL!!! This is sooo cool boo! Gratz on the wonderful creation!
Not bad man, not bad at all. Definitely got a catchy hook to it.
bump for justice
03/16/2013 08:55 AMPosted by JellzRoc
bump for justice

Can't get Loroese to comment? I need to throw a math problem in here I guess, lol
did apo comment?
This... was awesome. Way to go man! :D
03/16/2013 08:55 AMPosted by JellzRoc
bump for justice
Really love it. Listened to it like 12 times by now. And I'm usually more the rock and metal kinda guy.
Can't wait for the next one :)

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