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Good day all,

Good morning, afternoon, or evening, to all our TSL members. As of late, we (some of the CL’s) have had some discussion on some pressing issues we think need to be addressed and how we can address them. Now I won’t go over all the issues as there really aren’t many and most are small matters that don’t matter to you. But one problem we do have is that we fell we need some sort of social aspect to TSL to bring active members together. We feel that there is a gap between the active members in TSL and we need to try and bridge it. We think we can, not fix this gap, but at least we can make it a smaller gap, as we progress to our goal, of making TSL a fun and productive guild for D3 players in the ANZ region. We think that with our TS3 channel WATTERaso has made we can get to know each other better and grow as a guild, not only socially but also progressing in D3. It is very good to have a place that members can come pop in ask a question and get an answer, or just hop in say hello and see if anyone needs help running a higher MP, or if anyone needs help with some gear. These things will make the gap smaller between us and bring us together as a guild.

Now some of you may be saying, “But we have 2 TSL TS3 channels, and I play on the other one.” And while this is true, we are making this one the Official one. If you feel you want to use the other one by all mean, use it, but the one that WATTERaso has made is a purchased one and we can have some control over it and what we want to do with it, we can also make others admin if we deem necessary. On the other channel we don’t have that luxury. We also have other options on the official TS3 channel that WATTER has created; this makes it easy for us to manage who comes in and who stays out. This guild isn’t for everyone, but it is for members in the ANZ region who would like to join others with the same vision as they have, while playing D3. It’s a convenience factor for you guys and we want to make it easy for everyone to find each other and we feel having 1 official TS3 channel, that we all can come to, will help with this matter. Now while some of the TSL members are on the other channel, we would hope that they would come and join the rest of the guild on the channel that WATTERaso has created specifically for our guild.

With that said here is a quick guide to getting on TS3. It is easy and only takes 5 min until you’re up and talking to other members.

Down Load the Client for TS3 here: http://www.teamspeak.com/?page=downloads
After you have downloaded the Client, you can open TS3 with the shortcut on your desktop. Then go through the setup wizard, and then you can click the connections tab at the top left. It will drop down some options, you then click connect. Enter the address as such: Bob should be your uncle.

We want this to be a convenience for those whom want to talk while playing the game; I find it much better, especially while playing HC. I have seen other die while typing in chat, and if you have a high lvl toon in HC the last thing you want to die from is typing…lol. I hope that this can make it a better experience for the guild and make it fun playing D3 with each other; this is what TSL is really all about, having fun, and playing D3 with others that love to do the same thing. I hope to see you all on TS3 at some point.
Hi TS,

I've hopped in to the new TS3 channel, it was empty :( but, never mind that, I have a suggestion. There are a lot of geographically named rooms. now I'm not too sure on the amount of ppl in TSL and their active participation, but I am pretty sure that it's not that important if you're from NZ, Syd or Christmas island. What's more important is what you want to do: xp farm, ubers, key runs (with several different MP level rooms for keys and ubers, say 10, 7-9, 6-4, 3-1), HC etc. so maybe a redesign of the room names is in order?

yeah thats a great Idea mate, I like it, I will let WATTERaso know, he can make the changes. Thanks, that makes more sense to do it that way. And as far as the people go on TS3, we do have people on, I think it's just early and the fact that it is monday as well people have practical things they do durring the week and its the evening times that the TS comes alive. Thanks again mate for your input.
Will do the changes tonight when i get back from work and thank you for the idea, as TS said it makes more sense that way :)
All done :)
03/17/2013 02:51 PMPosted by WATTERaso
Will do the changes tonight when i get back from work and thank you for the idea, as TS said it makes more sense that way :)

Looks good mate, I really like what you've done with the place.
Thanks TS and Watter
I downloaded the client after Watter mentioned it in game some time ago but then didn't do anything with it. I now have a question which I hope doesn't appear too stupid. If you are running with some one do you 1. enter game first then 2. click on location in TS3? I'm just not sure on the TS3 server how one party is separated from another especially if 2 parties are running the same area eg ACT3 Rakkis Crossing.
Hey mate,

the best way to do it is just hop on TS3 and join any ole chat, then see what everyone elses is doing. You can either hop in with them or grab someone else to go do something else, then you just hop in another chat and your off. You dont have any one talking over you and you all can join in on the fun via the open chat. It realluy is that simple, and not a stupid question at all mate, just jump right in.
Most of us hang out at the slughtered calf in chat, kind of as a general chat, then if we are goin to do something specific we can jump in another chat room no problem, we have plenty to go arround mate. I hope to see you in there some time, no need to be shy, were all here to have fun and kill some monsters.
Thanks TS
I'll give it try later.
Hey guys, I'm only a casual player, an hour or two here and there, but i'll jump on when I can. Hate typing while trying to play.
Thanks TS
I'll give it try later.

I was on for a bit last night, had to hop off when family got home but it is very good to talk to people while in game.

03/19/2013 04:55 AMPosted by DJVege
Hey guys, I'm only a casual player, an hour or two here and there, but i'll jump on when I can. Hate typing while trying to play.

No worries mate, I was on TS for about 45 min last night, but it's all good mate. when ever you're able is good enough.
Hey guys I have updatd the TS3 channel for evey one it is on the OP and I will put here as well.

New TSL TS3 Address:
Bumping the thread. Finally got a headset the other day and set up TS3. Havent used it though as havent had much game time. See you kids in game :)
TSL for real! GJ bro.

see u guys on TS3 and D3 soon

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