Manj Vs. Mine

Witch Doctor
What DPS MCK would I need to get to out perform or even do the same dps as mine? I need me some LS now since I'm trying out the higher MP's and I'm dying a fair amount with only 800 LoH.

EDIT - Or maybe a Ruby instead of the Emerald? I suck at those damn d3 calcs...

Or if you want to jump right into higher mps pick up a ls sever. Will possibly lower you dps but will boost your survivabilty

Ctually looking at your weapon it would need to be about the same dps. You will lose some %damage from your boots but gain some from the int. What the exact numbers are not sure.
im probably going to sell mine to put together a poor mans 0-dog. let me know if your interested

Can't see your MCK.
If you get a MCK with 950+ DPS and a socket it'll be an upgrade from what you have. It'll likely have 20+ more critical hit damage and also 170+ more intelligence and, of course, the life steal. The only thing you'd really be losing is the mana regen that you currently have.
Upgrade those gems, and smack a big fat ruby into your weapon. If you hunt about, you will find better black weapons with LS than the Manaj blade.
Hmm... Okay. Guess I'll look for a another Blackie and drop a Ruby in it. I am trying to attack a little faster after all.. Mana doesn't seem to be a problem ever.

So if I switch my weapon to something else I'm going to need to have that mana regen somewhere else... Scuba Steve! Damn you!!

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