I miss Legendaries...

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The most recent update from the devs regarding itemization got me briefly excited for the new patch. That is of course until I had read the entire thing. I'm not upset with the changes they plan on making. In fact most of them truly are welcome changes. I am however a bit disappointed at one change that they will not be making.

My personal opinion has always been that legendaries are too rare. Don't bother telling me how often you get them or that I just need more magic find. I'm not here to debate the exact amount of frequency. The fact of the matter is that if the auction house is to become secondary and the game is to focus on giving us exciting loot through play not AH camping, then one of the greatest things they can do for the game is increase legendary drops.

What made Diablo 2 so fun, at least for me, was the steady stream of legendary and set items. While they were not always good, the excitement level increased with each drop. I rarely grinded, most of the time was spent killing Mephisto over and over. I'm not saying we should be killing Azmodan over and over, instead I would just like to see legendaries drop more often.

The concern with this sort of system is that everyone would be geared quickly and that items would lose value. In Diablo 2 the item hunt was never over once you had several good pieces of gear. Instead the hunt got even more exciting because you were looking for that one piece of gear you have but now you are trying to get as near to perfect stats as possible. Unfortunately that sort of gear hunt is left only to the 1%.

I'm not saying everyone should be geared to clear MP10. But I would like to see a game where we have the option of gearing ourselves with just items you've found. Increasing the effectiveness of the incredibly rare uniques is a great fix in general but it fails to address the problem more specifically. Legendaries are just too rare.

I really miss legendaries...
I completely agree. In Diablo 3, sometimes I do a 10 minute run and two legendaries drop. Sometimes I go 6 hours without seeing one. It's inconsistent, frustrating, and it frankly burns me out. I'm not going to lie; ever since playing Diablo II when I was a young teenager, there's always just been something about finding a legendary. It's thrilling, I guess. It's definitely my favorite thing about the Diablo series, for whatever reason.

In D2 I could play for 2 hours, do maybe 20-30 Hell Mephisto runs, and hey I might not find a Herald of Zakarum but chances were good I'd find SOMETHING that would make me go 'nice!' even if it was just a Skin of the Vipermagi or a Dwarf Star, yknow, not godly exactly but probably a big upgrade for my character.

That sense of consistency, that sense of 'it's only a matter of time' does not exist in Diablo 3. Not only are legendary drop rates extremely inconsistent, but 99% of them are not even worth putting up on the auction house. Don't get me wrong, I made 600 million off of a godly Manticore, and I made 100 mil off a set amulet earlier today. Good items do drop.

It's just not satisfying to hunt for them.

My reaction when I see a legendary drop? "wow that's the third Dark Witch's Shade I've found today" or "why is that a two handed sword and not a two handed axe?"

There's something inherently wrong with the game when people have that reaction to seeing a legendary drop.
Thank you for saying that. I knew I couldn't be the only one. In addition to most of them not feeling very powerful. They are as you said so incredibly inconsistent. I completely understand the feeling of being totally burned out.
The lack of legendary drops is really frustrating. My only Leg was found outside the entrance to the fight with belial on normal. No MP just my first run through of the game.

Since then I have not seen another legendary drop and even now that I'm able to do runs on inferno 1-3MP and have more mf items, still nothing.

Even doing normal MP10 runs hoping for a nice ring or something, not a single drop.

It seems like the only way to get legendary items in D3 is to farm gold and go to the auction house...

Why don't you guys just allow merchants to sell them at high prices, because that's what this game has become.

I wouldn't say they are inconsistent, almost nonexistent.
It's not as exciting for the simple reason that the auction house ruined everything !!!! Nothing that you find is generally as powerful as what you can BUY....i think its kind of sad and i would rather just keep the trade system and do away with the ah
And i know you did not want to hear about our legendary drop rate but i find lots of legendarys.....i would imagine i average 1 every 2 hrs or so......now the problem is nearly every single one of them isnt worth doing anything with other than scrapping...its complete nonsense how awful these legendarys are that are dropping
Thank you Asazel. I think that's an important part too. While the auction house is convenient it becomes the only spot to get your upgrades. Games like that just aren't fun. I know a more drop friendly game will make it easier but it will also make the game much more fun. The point of playing any game is to have fun and so from that standpoint I would love to see better legendary items drop more frequently.

I think it's hard not to get stuck on increasing replay value but with hundreds of hours played you should be a very well geared player and it shouldn't be from clever auction house bidding.
Just as the others in this thread I completely agree. I would rather have legendaries dropping consistently- especially after I've geared myself for max mf and I'm running in the 5+ monster powers. Just like in wow, if I'm running higher end dungeons, I expect better loot! No one would run if there were not better items in the dungeon. We're not guaranteed to get them, but we know they are there and there is a good chance they'll drop. The main difference being that if they do drop, they're exactly what we want.

If this is the case, then it should stand to reason that if there is a high chance the item will not be what we're looking for, or have a few worthless stats to us, that the items should drop more often.

Take the natural progression of the game for instance. As you start blues are good, then you get further in and rarely are they good- but yellows are good. Then you get further in and rarely are yellows even good, but legendaries are good..... except that blues and yellows are everywhere and you never see legendaries. Wouldn't it make more sense if I saw far less blues in top end with capped mf, more yellows and more legendaries? Instead I see an enormous pile of blues, lots of yellows, and inconsistent legendaries. Sometimes I'll get 2 in an hour and be all excited, other times I'll see 0 in 3 hours and begin to wonder if the game is broken and somehow legendaries just aren't dropping.

No one should ever wonder if the game is bugged. If we are something is wrong.

That said, this means legendaries/set are the only valuable thing to high end players- they're the only reason a tinge of excitement comes into the game. Sure its still fun to play the game, but its the upgrades that KEEP it fun. Currently I can tell I'm on my way to burned out.

Its simply not fun to never see loot. Which is essentially what we're doing, because only legendaries matter. If it wasn't for gold or crafting, I wouldn't even pick up yellows at all. Its simply so uncommon they're good, that it isn't worth the time to sort through them anymore.

Then I also think of the common player that isn't running on mp or even aware that such a thing exists. They rarely, rarely see legendaries ever. Legendaries should be much closer in scale then they are currently, when you're mf capped and at 5 stacks. They should be random just like everything else, just like yellows are. Itemized things should be something above legendaries.

These are of course just my opinions, but to recap:

Why are blues still dropping at top-end, yellows are already worthless. Silly.
Sets certainly seem as rare as legendaries, I can't imagine seriously trying to collect one.
Legendaries should be much more common at mf cap and stacks (better scaling like yellows)
Legendaries should be completely random. (makes better gear that much more awesome)
Itemizes pieces should be the rarity of legendaries now, and something higher than a legendary. Like an archon piece or artifact or hero weapon, shrug.
I also hate the auction house. Obviously its not going away, but doesn't it ruin the entire point of this game and alllll the fun... if you can just buy your gear.

Seriously someone had a screw loose thinking it was a good idea. A game completely based on the excitement of loot and you provide a way to buy said loot. FAIL. Complete, absolute, absurdly ridiculous fail.

It would ten times cooler if I knew the guys that I play with online had obtained all of their gear themselves. It would be way harder to progress into high mp levels if this was the case as well. Talk about ruining the fun.

Just throwing that out there, I know I'm not the first one. Not to mention opening the game up for farmers to ruin it as well. Geezum, amazingly not-brilliant.
Here is an idea on how to address consistent legendaries and allow players to have more fun finding loot.

What is valor stacks didn't stop at 5? Bear with me, obviously that would get silly, the longer you play the higher your mp percentage and eventually it would be all legendaries. Which would be awesome, but not what I was thinking. Partially.

I'm thinking that valor stacks continue to stack past 5 until a legendary drops, then they go back down to 5, rinse and repeat.

This gives lower geared players a chance to find legendaries as they play through, low level, whatever - its just more fun knowing that your chances are going up every elite pack. It gets more and more exciting until bam! Legendary, then you're still at 5 stacks and start climbing again, knowing that you're going to get something if have an hour or two.

This does have a weakness in the low-end play in that it would give players unlimited access to yellows until they got a legendary, so perhaps it should scale with mf percentage. If your mf is this much then the reset is on blues, if its this much its on yellows, capped its legendaries. Something like that, it would be sweet. Though I still think legendaries should drop more often without it. I'm about 4 hours in, capped right now with not a single item of any value for that entire time. No legendary/set drops at all.

Blizz, this is how you lose players. If the top-end of the game is suddenly a horrid unrewarding grind-fest, no one will want to play... except people that actually enjoy grindfests... which do exist but is more the Final Fantasy Online target audience, lol.
Maybe I'm the unlikiest, but 7.5 bags full of yellows before I got a legendary. Which at least was a 63, thank goodness, but still was not an upgrade... 7.5 bags of yellows. Seriously. Not a single upgrade out of all of it.

The game is fun, when you're getting loot. Even if its bad... to a point of course. 7.5 bags full of yellows would be that point. Essentially I ran around for hours killing who knows how many mobs, for the possibility of an upgrade from one drop, which failed.

Explain to me why I'm playing this game? Right now I'm just frustrated. Is the mp system intended to give players an extended ceiling or frustrate them? The loot scaling is horrid.
Guys ever since yesterdays update I have not found a single legendary! Whats up with that? My new character is level 18 already and not one has dropped. My level 60 (pg61) character got 3 legendaries rings in ten minutes with almost no MF, and now that level 60 doesn't get squat! Not a singe drop.

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