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My phone broke about 2 weeks ago and I finally got around to replacing it, I downloaded an authenticator and can't log in. I cant enter the previous codes since the phone was shutting off every 10 seconds if that, not to mention Sprint now has the old phone so how do I go about reconfiguring my authenticator without access to the previous one?
To "restore" an Authenticator you need the serial # and the restore code? Did you write those down when you installed it? If so, head on over to the Troubleshooting page where it will walk you through restoring it.

if you did NOT write them down then you will need to use SMS Protect to remove it. If you don't have SMS Protect then you can submit a request to have the Authenticator removed and then you can add your new one.
Alright, I'll look into that thanks for the links and response.
I am guessing you are in the last category so just click the last link to remove the old one and as soon as that is done you can add the new one. They tend to expedite those tickets so it should not take the current 5-6 day wait time some tickets take. Of course, that assumes the account is in your name and you have a valid government issued photo ID.

Good luck! I had to have this done once and it was very easy.

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