bash-punish or frenzy-maniac

which is better for double tornado?
bash generates fury a little quicker, but frenzy steals life faster and helps to keep zerk going longer. Its a trade-off I guess.
I've found bash keeps WOTB better for myself. You need to land 3 frenzy to gain 9 fury while 1 bash gives you 8 fury.
I prefer the 24% with bash over the 20% with maniac, so when I run with a fury generator I greatly prefer bash. The extra fury is nice too, and you can sometimes use it to knock people back into your tornadoes if you're clever. Conversely, it can suck if you knock someone out of your tornadoes ;)

Definitely a user preference thing

Only downside to bash is it sucks for group play, and cm wizards will hate you ;p but I still use it, the extra fury and 4% bonus damage is better for ww or hota builds imo.
I prefer Frenzy because sometimes I get lazy and just spin around a single target like 2 times then frenzy it to death.

Not to mention, Frenzy's buff is sort of easier to track because there's a timer. I would probably use Bash if it had a timer as well.
My Vote is Bash
Punish is what I do
Bash punish giver me 50k more then Freny with maniac, the knockback and 5 sec for other skills makes it a winner imo.
Bash is the !@#$ :)

I wish it had a timer so I didn't have to pay attention to crit numbers.
I prefer Bash/Punish
frenzy is best from my experience. at 5 caps which is almost instant its better than bash in fury and dps. Not only that it's fast enough to totally reset WOTB. Frenzy maniac is only primary you can face tank down gohm or diablo with to give you an idea how good it is. I tried with 6 LS all the others too slow not enough DPS to heal.

My belt had 13 and soj 12% frenzy for 25% more DPS. Then at about paragon 70 i learned how and had over 750k EHP to play no gen which is real end game.
Depends on your gear. If you lack attack speed, I'd go with Frenzy, because although Bash/Punish may give you slightly more damage overall (that's what I find anyways), it'll do naught for you if your attack speed is low. However, if you have the attack speed, I'd go with Bash. A balance of high crit numbers, res/lifesteal, attack speed, and HP, are what you want vs. ubers. That way you spend less time having to deal with nasty attacks (especially from ZK/Siegebreaker - they LOVE to combo your !@#. ZK will drop rocks on your head while Siege picks you up, and there's not a damn thing you can do about it except minimizing the damage done by firing off a couple rounds of Rend/Bloodlust before it happens. And even then, your success rate is highly dependent on factors like lifesteal, HP, armor, and resistance.) That's why I have two different sets of gear - the one I'm wearing now is my farming set. It gets me through MP10 fairly quickly, but ubers destroy me. I have a different set (high str/vit/res rare pants with fairly well-rolled str/vit/res/crit bracers & Vile Wards) that basically turns me into an uber tank, but farming runs are painfully slow due to less movement speed.

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