Public games co-op ethics.

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MP levels vs DPS *Unbuffed* - Rough Guide.
MP0-3 50~90K DPS.
MP4-6 100~150K DPS.
MP7-8 160~200K DPS
MP9-10 200K and above.

Or use this featured site at the D3 main page to find the right MP for your different characters.

Co-op ethics
1:- Don't login to public games and do your "admin" e.g selling/id-ing items from previous games etc .... get it done in a solo game before you join!

2:- Even if you can solo MP10, you should consider downgrading to MP7-8 when co-op, because it is more difficult during group play!

If you die a few times on elites pack, this is a good indication that you can't handle that MP level, either change your skills/equipment to be more tanky or just apologies and leave. Nothing to be ashamed of.

3:- Choose your skills to match with the team, eg. If you see a CM wiz, monk can consider Cyclone strike or exploding palm. If the group focus on CM perma freeze, please remove your echoing fury or move it to offhand where it procs less. Multiple monks in the same game should choose different mantras to get more group bonus.

4:- Inform others when you are full and need to sell.

5:- Inform others when you are fighting elites and goblins. You can use a simple E & G plus plant a flag on map to inform others. *fixed in 1.0.8*

6:- Greet others when join game. \(^-^)/

7:- Announce that you are leaving game. A simple "Thank you for PT" (^-^ )/~

8:- Follow 1 person, if CM wiz wants to lead it will be good as they will freeze and melee kills. Else follow the one that wants to lead. It is really bad when everyone wants to go their own way.

9:- There are times when you need to slow down your pace, it is not a solo game anymore when you join public games. Not all players can adapt to the speed e.g Monk tempest rush, Barb sprint, WD sprit walk, DH vault and Wiz teleport. Otherwise soloing might be a better option for you.

10:- Try to sell and do admin together with the team, after-which gather at portal and resume farming route again.

This is a bit tough to coordinate at public games as some of the players don't understand English/Chinese and other languages. They also join at different time. However it is a good practise when 1 player say "sell" all should go town and do admins. So everyone will resume with a empty stash again.

Alternatively suggested by BravoAttack:- Keep an open tab in your stash, that way you can pop into town, dump your unidentified items in your stash and be back in the fight in no time. Plenty of time to ID the items after the run.

11:- Don't pick "blue items" in public games and sell. Do it during solo games.
Rares and mats are ok though.

12:- Items that you *and alternates* don't need, will be nice if you offer to your co-op mates.

By other players

13:- Learn the etiquette of revival/respawn/waiting while dead. If you can respawn and banner back in faster than a teammate can revive you, do it!

14:- Learn the "optimal" routes for common areas. e.g. tower of the damned 1 players go counterclockwise so they can see if there's elites on the stairs. tower of the damned 2 go the "high road" for the same reason.

15:- Concentrate fire on the elite that's about to die; don't everyone pick their own target.

16:- If you are a glass canon spec. Don't click on the melee flag where your will be instantly teleported right into the middle of fighting, elites with desecrator, arcane sentry & etc, you will
probably be instagib! Try to find a ranged class to portal in.

17:- Permanent Wrath of the Berserker build Barbarian need to "self-nerf" in co-op games. Reason is because most of the class can't catch up with you.
i) Only use the skill when you facing jailer/frozen/nightmarish elites.
ii) Change to Rend/Hota build in co-op

18:- The new cyan dot on the mini-map is the party guide/leader, please follow him/her. If you wish to lead, please ask nicely. Some players like to rush through, please check if everyone is agreeable. Else it will be better if you play solo.

19:- Make sure everyone in the group has 5NV stacks before jumping to keywarden. Inform new players joining that the keywarden is dead if it is created under the tab for keywarden.

I hope this list can help players enjoy co-op more ~
socialibility doesn't exist in a game lacking social systems
Edit: Moving it to the first post.
yeah Diablo 3 = profit.
Assuming you mean "ethics" and not "ethnics" as in your current title. Fix that. Man that is a HUGE typo
done sorry ;)
This is a great list Fireblade. Number 3 on the list has bothered me since I first played public games. The pace of publics are much faster and often it is tough to inspect a player if you jump in while the group is mid-fight. I try to run with as many skills to aid in team play as possible while still be able to kill monsters.

Party/good game
Perhaps some players are not aware of these little details that is so frustrating. Don't be so angry man, take a chill pill. hahah
Lols at the typo :).

I do like this Topic, although it could be converted in a less sarcastic sounding way :). Im not one known to put his thoughts in to words well, else i would add on to this.
One thing missing is something like known farm routes. e.a. Act3 Start at "Machines of War", clear "The Barracks" - run around the Battlefields skip the quest unless you have a new player without any stacks. Then take on all the possible caves like "the forward Barracks" continue to "The Bridge of Korsikk". Take out all the ballistics and enter the cave for Max Elite farming.
Move up to "Rakkis Crossing" skip the "Bridge Stores" unless there is a half dead guard crawling out, only then you will find an Elite. Continue to take on "The Siegebreaker".

Etc. Anyway, someone else might be jotting this done in a more readable fashion :).
Apologies my written English is not good really. I just type what came to my mind.

I love co-op and I rarely solo games unless I'm testing out some weird builds/weapons. I really hope more will like co-op. I hardly able to find any co-op in hardcore nowadays for normal/nightmare mode which is making me not wanting to play more.
I do what I want.
I usually stay out of the public games for several reasons you listed. I used to enjoy them though.
10. Keep an open tab in your stash, that way you can pop into town, dump your unidentified items in your stash and be back in the fight in no time. Plenty of time to ID the items after the run.
11. There should be an achievement for resurrecting someone while facing-off with Diablo. Even if there isn't resurrect to be resurrected. Dont need a "Ty" because that could take enough time to get killed again.
12. Clear the wings on Rakkis' Crossing before before triggering the Siege Breaker event.
13. Everybody was a noob once.
When in a public game you can always help the noobs. I have given away gear - legendaries mostly - not sold in ah, too good to make into brimstone but not good for me. Love #10, or try thanking someone for the rez at the end. The last time I played a public game everyone wanted to do their own thing. Not a big deal for mp0 but....needless to say I left in the middle of it and haven't been back since.
A lot of players have stash problems to keep unid lol e.g. me ;)
LOL, no worries - glad to help, at least the TYPO got me to read the post :)

I agree with most of what OP said, there is just very little consideration in COOP which kind of ruins it for me doing a random game. Whether it is a few coop players standing way back and just trying to collect XP while not fighting or the guys that run ahead and leave you in a pack of white mobs or the ones that keep asking you for gems or extra gold during the run- the lack of consideration and general disdain for "team play" has ruined random COOP for me as well.
I personally log into games, and when I tport into the action, I make sure I promptly remove myself from the action to where it's safe. I'm a glass cannon afterall. I figure it's their job to protect me.

There is nothing better then letting a group of uber 60s carry my largesse all around this game.
#12: Always ALWAYS save all level 58 legendary wizard hats and shoulders to throw down consistently when a pack dies.

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