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I made 2 mp10 ran to test some new settings. (one run last week, one run yesterday). Damned lvl2, Keep 2, Field of slaughter, Crossing, Azmodan.....

It's kind of suprising that the drops were VERY VERY BAD for plvl 60 barbarian in mp10. I didn't see many yellow loots in the first run, so yesterday I collected all the yellow ones which didn't even make a full bag. It seemed that Blizzard made mp10 farming less productive for low-med plvl characters to discourage low plvls partying with high plvls in mp9-10 farming.

My character didn't die often, maybe 2 times in each run when I ran too aggressively or distracted by something else. Killing white mob crowds with WW/nado wasn't very time consuming, but elites took some time. So I skipped a few elites, but took care of most melees.

Wondering if someone else noticed that before. Two mp10 runs make me think of the possibility of most efficient mp lvl for different plvls. In addition to the MF values and fast killings in mp2-4, maybe Blizzard has a secret equation for mp farming lvls vs plvls. For example, plvl 91-100 has better chance with mp10, mp81-90 is better with mp 9 etc. It would be nice if someone could run a test (or blizzard can reveal the loot dropping equations)............

Also, one friend of mine (WZ) also has much higher chance of legendary drops) than other player in the same party (Barb and DH), even with similar or lower MF/plvl. The difference of legendary drops was quite significant and consistent in the last couple of month, so I don't believe it is random. Is it generally true that WZ (and/or WD) has better chance than other classes?
Anyone has comments on this?

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