Spin to win with this ammy?

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To be honest, I don't play barb and have no clue if this would be any good. It's got some useless stats, but am I wrong in seeing potential? Wondering what it might be worth, if anything.
Strength is great, Vitality is decent, but it doesn't offer any attack speed or critical hit damage or most importantly flat critical hit chance (you want your Sprint tornadoes to crit way more than you want your Whirlwind to crit)

Can't give you an exact $ on it, I'd say it's definitely worth putting up on the auction house but it's not godly. Sorry :(
I'm long past hoping for godly, adequate is enough to make my brain explode with joy.

Diablo is crushing my soul, how appropriate
Sorry man, that ammy is probably really good for a templar... barb, not so much. Gotta have crit and attack speed for spinners.
If you haven't unloaded it or brimstoned it yet, I'd be interested, because I'm making a Barbarian and it would be a good start. :)

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