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Hey guy n gals

Hope everyone is having/had a great weekend, and that the RNG gods have favored yourself other others......

I'm fairly new to these forums so G'day

Question: How does a 4 player MP3 run compare to a solo MP3 run relating to difficulty/monsterHP etc ?

Reason for question is that I often simply run Act 3 MP3 Heat of Sin runs in public games and stroll through fairly easily.... provided people are not AFK all the time and making me kill everything for them (my DPS isn't the best) - Every now and then I feel like slowing things down a bit and just grinding through areas myself however I wonder if I should stick to MP3 or nudge the bar higher to get that little bit more XP?

Im not after the best XP/hour runs, however obviously if i can gain a little bit more XP and still get through easily enough then ill give it a try

Hope I have articulated my question correctly and your not scratching your head too much

Thanks in Advance

Ive found that im sticking to MP3, seems to be a fairly big step up to mp4. with my gear MP3 is really easy but on MP4 i either get killed really quick by elites or it takes forever to kill them......Gotta keep upgrading gear somehow :P
Hi Dan!

I'd swap the amethyst in your helm for the best ruby you can afford, you have enough HP, this will give you a serious boost to XP. Especially on lower MPs.

and if you're not after the most optimised runs for xp, I'd recommend doing what feels best for you, if you like the challenge and don't mind dying often - up the MP level. if you like running through like a storm - lower the MP. easy!

to answer your question regarding multiplayer, the more players are in game, the more health and damage the monsters have and do. but it increases for less than 100% per player, meaning that it should be easier to kill the same monsters if you have 4 players of equal dps. when players go AFK, or are not as well geared for the MP level it becomes harded.
so there is no XP bonus for having a co-op 4 plyr mp3 game vs. myself going solo in the same area on the same MP lvl ??

the monsters simply have more hp/damage ?
As for monster damage and health points in solo vs coop - only monster health points go up for each player in the game and the damage remains the same. See June 8 hotfix:

Hope that helps.
whoops! yeah, damage stays the same lol!
If you're looking for a run that you can Get decent XP and get some good items and do it fast then I would suggest VOA (Vault Of Assassins) in act 2 Desolate Sands. It's a small area with 5-6 packs in it and you can run it solo on MP 3-4 fiarly easy and quick depending on your gear of course, but if it takes too long just drop the MP.

Hope that helps..if you need some help just invi me mate troubleshoot#6790
There are many XP farming routes, but to get the ball rolling:

Act 1: Crypt of the Ancients. Start on 6: Broken Blade, Talk to Alaric. Go through start of quest and in Festering Woods go straight to Crypt of the Ancients. Enter, kill everything. Leave game. Remake and you will have checkpoint to go straight back into Crypt. Repeat ad nauseum. Advantage of this is you can probably do this at a slightly higher MP than you would for Act 2 or 3 runs.

Act 2: Like TS said, VoTA is a great circular map. I like to start on a really low MP to get the checkpoint in VoTA first - it's a pain to find especially at the highest MP you farm. So, start Act 2 on a low MP (I usually select Scouring of Caldeum quest because it starts in town), enter Desolate Sands, find VoTA portal, enter, leave game. When you restart you will have checkpoint to go straight into VoTA and kill to your heart's content. Repeat ad nauseum.

Act 3: Alkaizer's run and the many variations that exist. Google it if you don't already know it.

Act 4: Never bothered with it, but Gardens of Hope Level 2 is probably the best.
After doing most of these routes, I learned of the most rewarding XP runs - high mp trash mob runs. Crypt of the ancients counts as one of the options for it. the reward for killing trash mobs on mp10 is about twice that of the normal rate of xp farming. not only that, but you also get an insane amount of legendary items (I get roughly 6/hour).

anyway, how did this thread, which has nothing to do with XP runs, turn into a XP route discussion? :)
03/17/2013 07:27 PMPosted by b4rm4ley
anyway, how did this thread, which has nothing to do with XP runs, turn into a XP route discussion? :)

I took Dan's question and then I doubled it. My bad.
If Im online and you want a hand PM me.
I mainly do MP5 solo or with OZ mates, rarely go public games.

I find key runs good for finding gear and XP. Found Skorn and lacunis doing that. (Both in Caverns of Frost)
Thanks for all the feedback :)

Yes we kind of went off track but I'm terrible at articulating things via the written word :(

I think I got the response that I was looking for which is

- There is no XP difference/gain of a 1 person MP3 run to a 4 player MP3 run.
- There is a HP difference with the mobs regarding the above

Stay cool everyone and good hunting !

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