What if D3 was a D2 upgrade, not a WoW clone

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03/20/2013 03:10 PMPosted by Exclamatory
The ability yo jump acts- A great boon for the botters, dupers, and exploiters

If I want to jump acts to farm bosses because that is what is entertaining to me, why is that taken away from me? Why do I have to play Diablo 3 the way the developers wanted us to play it? What they find fun does not mean I'll find it fun. I did not bot, dupe, or exploit, I created game after game doing MF runs by jumping through the various acts. That's fun for me.

The Hellforee and socket quest- exploited to death on a daily basis

Exploited? By creating new characters, spending the time to rush them, to do the quests? By that logic, if Diablo 3 had a special reward to obtain after a quest, and people created new characters to get that reward, it would be considered an exploit too? So we can't create new characters?

The 24-90 rushs- lest we deprive the exploiters.

That's the way I liked to play. If I want to get rushed so that I could start doing Baal runs to level up, and start doing MF runs, why is that right taken away? If I create a character, level it to 90, and make a mistake on one of my points, I would rather rush a new character instead of replaying a new one. I repeat, why do I have to play Diablo 3 the way the developers wanted it? If I want to skip half the game, so I can do things I like, why is that taken away from me? Why do I have to play a linear storyline every single time I create a new character? Don't you think I'd get bored and would lose incentive to play a new character?

This Elderone dude is full of garbage, major fanboy. If it was up to him D3 is perfect as it is, no need to add patches.
What I'd like to see is a create-your own class skill system. Similar to Final Fantasy X, or TES: Oblivion, you could pick and choose the skills you want for your character, and create something aligned with your play style. You could add more skills as you go along, and provide an option for a total rebuild of your character as new skills were added (especially by way of an expansion pack). You want a Barchon (barbie with Archon)? Go for it, if you have the mana. Everybody would want teleport...all sorts of fun, and far more builds available overall. Add paragon-level skills, and you have the recipe for unending upgrades (itemization notwithstanding).
That guy was saying botters and dupers were what went wrong with D2 and why most of the good features of the game weren't included in d3. Well now we are forced to always play d3 online and yet botters are still rampant, and there's a lot of identical items in the ah hmmm.
It is just complete ignorance to believe that D3 were designed to combat botters. Really its an excuse for bad features to exist. I really like to see if there are any blue post to suggest that game were designed to prevent botters.
The game is dumbed down, either to path the way for a GMAH or devs are just lazy. Either way, it is not an excuse to just port WoW's simplistic itemization into D3
03/18/2013 04:20 PMPosted by Deadlysynz
There would be far more people playing, less people complaining, and the only complaints we'd see are "give us something new"
that pretty much sums up the vast majority of complaints. IT ALL BOILS DOWN TO MORE CONTENT FOR D3 The game is great now, and people are starting to feel tired because they are exhausting the content. Hence why most of the complainers have 300+ hrs played.

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