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Q: Have there been any discussions about using caps or deminishing returns on the current trifecta of Increased Attack Speed, Critical Hit %, and Critical Hit Damage? Or perhaps will items be modified to only be able to roll 2 out of the 3 of these? Could perhaps the Average Damage items be increased to promote non-critical builds, but not allow them to roll on the same items?
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Improve the set bonus and add bonus for full set

Example Inna's x3 is useless cause gives just 0.33 Spirit Regeneration
And why there is no bonus for Inna's x5 ?
Is there any plan to make auto pick-up extend to items? If so, could we customize it to pick up (or not pick up) whites, blues, yellows, etc.
Will there be new/more possible item skill effect relations? (ex: a 1 handed dagger a dh could equip that makes impale do 50% more damage similar to the wizard wand for spectral blades.)
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In your blog, you mention that you considered allowing the Butcher have an increased chance of dropping the Butcher's Carver. Are there plans to *have* more specific monsters or specific random events (thinking about Rakanishu's blade right now! We could use a legendary version of the blade!!) to drop specific loots?

Edit: changed "how" to *have* (fixing error).
Along with removing non-viable primary stats from weapons (e.g., bows with strength) will you also be addressing i60-63 rare weapons that roll with with ridiculously low DPS, rendering them not worthy of being picked up except (optionally) for salvage?
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Do you plan to make white items usable?

For example a solution could be that from now on crafting will not require gold (or less gold) but the right white item - in that case the "superior" bonus from white items will stay on the rare crafted form and will create more interesting items (extremely fast daggers for instance).
Do you guys have any plans to allow customization items in this patch and add Dye legendaries yet?

Can we create our own legendary item Like Killstreak1 Blade,Wand,Ect.. allow us to chose a special affix like cannot be frozen or spawm random arcane beams, Ect..(just an idea i had ) BOA

Another idea i had is to "complete" legendary items to full power like a quest to find the Cheese for The Horadric hamburger or complete Shadow fang by finding componets in a new dungeon. Then go to blacksmith to craft the new item such buff it or treat as new legendary ( have you thought of this yet?) [
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It would be great if 2h weapons were viable. not just scorn. this goes doubly so for monk dibos, there is not really a single one i have seen used with any consistency. could you do something about this


In diablo2 items that allowed classes access to others skill were really awesome and facilitated build diversity, e.g. barbarian werewolfs. doing something like this would be spectacular.
Are there any plans to improve Mighty Weapons for Barbarians? Currently Mighty Weapons are the lousiest weapon for Barbs due to the poor passive effect
While this is not exactly on-topic, are there any plans to hold monthly contests? When the community feels involved, great ideas can emerged from it.

An example of monthly contest could be: Design a well balanced item. The winner of the month could see his creation implemented into the game and having the item named after them (or have the signature of their choice).

Having new legendary being implemented into the game, or older legendary being reworked, could keep things fresh for everyone. There will always be something that you want.
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Are there any plans to fix the Tal Rasha's set bonuses?! (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

Context: it was the ONLY set to get NERFED on 1.04, left with completely useless bonuses.
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Will you ever consider tweaking the full set bonus for some sets?

In most cases it isn't worth it to get the full set, the stat or all resist bonus seems superior to the full set bonus, I can't help but feel it shouldn't be this way.

I know in one case (legacy Natalya set) it was too strong and made the set feel necessary even mandatory, but I think you guys can come up with more happy mediums between overpowered and underpowered for set items.

Also: @twocoins +1
Where is my add socket?
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In D2, crafted items were orange. It gave more variety to people's items and helped everyone's gear not look exactly the same. It would be nice to be able to identify which of my items are bind on account without having to examine them.

Is there any plan to make crafted items and/or bind on account items a different color (like orange)?
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Right now there is very little "choice" in gems when socketing. For non-weapons and helms, your "choice" is either MAIN STAT or VIT. Weapon gems are boiled down to simply +DMG or +CRIT DMG % and helms are mostly +EXP or +LIFE %.

Are there plans of changing gem effects so they provide more compelling choices, or plans to introduce more socketables into the game either through crafting or the item hunt to fill the void?
Are you planning to add complete set bonuses for set items ?
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Currently shields don't reward players with enough survivability considering the amount of damage lost by not using an OH/1H.

Are there plans to make shields more viable for damage or survivability, i.e., giving it the same gem bonuses that weapons receive, skill perks, shielding effects, bonuses to thorns, rewarding skills or passives, or a % of the min/max damage of an offhand of the same ilvl?
Wil there be more attention paid to make crafting much more valued by adding in more interesting weapon designs?

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