what build to use (paragon level 1)

Demon Hunter
I have no real experience with Demon Hunters outside of leveling to 60 a few months ago. Never really read the forums, kept up with the most popular builds, they've just never been my thing. I want to start playing my DH a bit more, but not really sure what kind of build would be good considering my gear (I just spent a few mil on upgrades, but overall, I focus on my Barbarian and so I'm definitely not going to be getting the Legacy Natalya's set or anything.)

Any gear advice would be welcome but I probably won't spend too much. Just do MP0 Inferno when I get bored and want a build that a DH with awful gear can pull off. Thanks!
You need a lot more critical chance, sharpshooter is a no go passive.
I logged out to update my gear, but like I said idc about gear so much just a good build ^^
Thats a good update.
Your missing 10CC on the amulet though that is VERY important and cheap to upgrade.
At this point you just correct for playstyle and grind MP0 to make gold for upgrades.
I can just grind mp10 with my barb, had 90 mil and the most expensive items were witching hour (3.5m) and manticore (1mil?) everything else was like 900k or so

are there any sort of 'tier 1 god mode gg' builds for demon hunters (the way barbarians have whirlwind) or what?
Haha not really, the most common is just getting a legacy nats for the discipline regen and permaglooming with spike traps to facetank. And billions of gold.
yeah well legacy nats costs like 5x as much gold as i have so nah lol. well i think the only things that really seem like a toss up are my fury generator (don't li ke that Imminent Death rune) and spender (I like Multishot and Cluster Bombs more than Ball Lightning, it moves too slowly even though it does great AOE)

everything else is pretty much standard survival, Vault, Shadow power, stuff I've used on the path to 60.
Imminent Death is a choice of mine, very high damage if your willing to kite.

Ball lightning restocks your life and discipline.

Many use thunder bolas instead, or hungering arrow with spray of teeth.
Thunder bola is best for stunning and spike bombing.
03/17/2013 12:47 PMPosted by NoL
Thunder bola is best for stunning and spike bombing.

BS/TB also works better with higher attack speed, aka calamity builds. But some have made it work with a manticore, though I think you need to be at about 2 aps before it is effective and you can stutter step.

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