Character building through proc points

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I was thinking about this today and I have no idea exactly how it would work, but I am throwing it out there as a concept out anyway.

Since we have no way to build up skills or allocate stat points what if there was a way to build up proc coefficients on given skills?

Say thru paragon level or another system you gained a token every 10 levels and that token was worth .01 proc rate (again that number may to small or too large). You could then assign them to any given skill to build up that skills proc rate.

Would this generate any new builds?

Thoughts anyone?
Thanks for posting about building. I like that more people are posting about actual character building/customizing.

I only don't like that it has to do with Paragon. Would be nice to actually build when you play through the initial haul of the game.
It doesn't have to be paragon, it's just that that is already in place.
Building up skill proc's almost seem pointless. Maybe if they built up skills themselves not just proc's
Then when a patch comes down the road and makes your character worthless, you're SOL.

That's what blizzard wants to avoid with being able to choose skills on the fly.

Choosing such character altering whatnot, goes against what blizz wants to do with d3.

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