Item Affix's (Skill/Rune Modifers)

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Hey people just throwing out some ideas that Blizz could possibly add in a future patch.

Seeing as most people will follow one type of build (WW barb, CM Wiz, 0ZD Witch doc, Face tank Demon hunter etc) I thought that if Blizzard were to add affix's that could alter or change how a certain rune/skill were to work. An example of this would be on a Demon Hunter.

The item affix could allow NT to hit multiple time (as it did on launch) or Increase duration of smoke screen but lose X amount of life per second. This way you would see people building around certain items and creating more fun/diverse builds than we currently have.

Those are two quick examples I thought up. Feel free to come up with some ideas for other skills/runes that could be altered slightly. Dose not have to be Demon Hunter.

And still farming for Leoric's....

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