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I have been trying to get my gear level up the last few days since I have been playing shocknado. I really have not had much of a budget and everything I have gotten has been last second sniping bids, 1 day 12 hour buyouts, or crafting. I am able to MP10 with only 1-2 deaths per run, but I have to stick to act 1 or act 3 keeps. I am sitting on bout 45mil at the moment so I could grab some upgrades, the question is just which pieces first.

I really want to get to 2.73 and have been crafting ammys to try to get a good roll to get the last 3% I needed. Well I finally got a good roll but it is 9% crit 100% crit damage. I gained 34k dps for 1k hp and 350 armor with it. Now my EHP is a bit lower but still dont die much. I usually am running with a barb shout anyhow so its not too bad. Now I want to keep using this ammy for a while since it is way better than anything I can afford. The only way I can see getting to 2.73 at this point is to get a 1.78 wand + 9% force, or a 1.79 wand. Now these are very expensive compared to the slightly slower ones. Is it worth dropping all my gold on a dps downgrade?

The other thing I could do it just wait it out on the IAS and go for more EHP. Where would be the best spot to grab more all res and/or armor? I know I could also get some crit damage on my Nat's Reflection pretty cheap which would be a nice dps bump.

On crafting, I think I am done with ammys for a little bit. Should I start working on bracers or shoulders now? I am thinking bracers myself but would like extra input.

Thanks for reading.
For crafting I'd say your shoulders are pretty sick so I'd stick with amulet, bracers or gloves.

If you're set on reaching 2.73 APS, your only options are to upgrade your weapon, get IAS on another slot (which means amulet or bracers, and I don't recommend bracers), or use chantress, but that only helps for solo farming. What I'd do is take a few days to keep an eye on the AH for good deals on a 1.78 or 1.79 wand and wait for a good dps one in your budget. I really have no idea how much they run but you can try selling your current weapon ahead of time to have a little extra gold for a higher dps version, or just keep your current one to farm with on the side while waiting to find a better wand.

Nice amulet by the way. I crafted a similar one a few days ago and have been undergoing my own gear alteration process to fit it in since it was like 20k dps upgrade over my lame trifecta without int. At least your options are pretty straightforward and your best one is to simply get a better wand. Besides, a 1.78 or 1.79 APS wand is much more efficient gear-wise, as Comrade likes to say, since you don't have to waste a stat allocation on a low IAS roll.
I've been watching the Nats Boots market quite a bit lately....and there can be some pretty decent deals there if you watch often enough...found mine for 20M....which is an absolute joke of a deal.

At any rate, the boots don't really provide any DPS, other than INT, so stack as much EHP as you can there - esp VIT and 150+ DEX. Something like 60-70 INT, 50 VIT. Yours are actually really nice with the armor+STR, but I think VIT would do you better ---- it would allow you to remove it from your right ring, or just get your life closer to 40k. I wouldn't break the bank to do it....just keep an eye open for when a deal presents itself.
As for the weapon, the higher breakpoint will really help with LoH returns and freezing strength. This would be alot more apparent when you don't have your barb friend around....or he's running something else other than shout ( I don't like to rely on anyone else, lol) - the lack of AR coupled with lower LoH returns will hurt alot.

Another item you can camp out on is VIT pants (like mine)...or just 200 VIT+. They are expensive, but I found mine as a BIN snipe, and were under 50M. You'd have to trade in 50 INT for it, but could be worth it.

And yeah, I'd keep crafting bracers. you have 2 junk rolls that could go STR or Armor.....or split main stat. Even I think I'm gonna start crafting bracers again to try to beat mine. Which will be tough. Nice shoulders btw. Maybe I'll do that.
Thanks a lot guys. The tips are much appreciated. Gotta farm me up some more demonic essences tonight and get on crafting bracers again. Not looking forward to breaking the bank to grab a new wand, but looks like it has to be done lol. Just need to find another 15-20mil to get one I think. Will keep an eye out for good deals on EHP gear while I am saving though. Once again, thanks for looking it over and helping to point me in the right direction.
Well last night I picked up a Chantodo's Will with 1.78 for a steal at 15mil on a bid. They have been going for 50-60mil in that dps range. Now I just need to get a new Force with 9% IAS to get to 2.73. Looking at grabbing some health on the new one as well. So should I get vit, life %, or OS? I think the life% is cheapest out of the 3 but vit would provide the most health if it is a decent roll, any input? Also crafted a new set of bracers, not much of an upgrade, but I did grab a bit of dps and armor at the cost of some health, had to swap a gem to vit to compensate but was an overall upgrade.

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