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Does AUStralia have a different RMAH to America and if so y does it suck so much lol??
Australia and the US share the same RMAH if you are using the US servers.

And what's wrong with it? It seems perfectly fine to me. I've been able to sell gold in the past week, so I have no idea as to what you're talking about.
There must be something wrong with mine then!! i cant find any top end items. even ones that my friends say they have put up. i cant find anything good on it!!!
Taking out external gold farm sites, u can sell items for higher value on GAH.

GAH is capped at 2 billion.
RMAH is capped at $250.

1mill = $0.25. So even if u sold something for a max of $250, thats only equivalent to 1 billion.

Again, I'm talking strictly within the game - taking out external sites.

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Yeah i know man but i actually cant find anything decent on there.. i looked up chans with soc there was only 3 crappy 950 dps ones.... im a bit confused because my friend has like 4 over 1100 up i couldnt see them
As stated above, most godly items get sold through 3rd party sites as you can get more for them. Gold through 3rd party sites is like $0.06/mill. Its crazy
go to:
Game menu > options > account. There select the Real money auction house currency: U.S Dollars. (you're probably set to Australian Dollars)

I'd advise against going to 3rd party sites to buy gold, as you might get your account banned and lose all of your investment in the game.
Ahh k thanks bro.. yeah i been buying perfect emmys getting more gold from them than buying gold lol!! But i wanted to buy some godly items all i could find was junk
Aus and US RMAH's are indeed different and as such you have US dollars or AUD to add to your account when you 'top up'.

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