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A couple of days ago, Troubleshoot asked me to play a game of Ironman with him. I had no idea what Ironman was, so he explained.

Apparently, you make a brand new hardcore character and try to complete the game with it, without ever using the AH or buying anything from the merchants.

I had previously not tried Hardcore, because I didn't think I would survive long enough to make it worth the expenditure of gearing, but this is a great alternative and certainly makes the drops exciting. Imagine getting excited over a garbage black shield that fell in the first few minutes of the game. Well I did, and it was FUN.

My character may die shortly, and I may have to start a new one, but what the heck, I'm enjoying it, at no cost. Thanks Trouble for your fun suggestion.

Oh, and I named my character very originally - IronWoman lol.
HAHAHA! thats awesome I named my barb IornWoman too.... Nice, we can continue to play. I had a great time as well, put a new edge on the game that I never expected. Almost made it a new game. I hope you're not lvl 60 yet, I think im still lvl 5 or 7 but, yeah it was a lot of fun. Good on ya Sep. Catch ya on later aye mate? :P
Try the Random HC challenge that way as well, it's great fun. MP 10 self found is also fun... but can be quite short sometimes.
03/11/2013 01:20 AMPosted by Kaph
Try the Random HC challenge that way as well

Ill have to check out what the Random HC Challenge is :)

As for MP10 hahaha
Hahaha! I just died yesterday lvl 15 barb playing with septimus, a waller flopped a wall on top of me and I couldnt move....I was stuck inside the wall....and all my buttons were on CD. Had to start over and now have a lvl 7-8 DH, and se[s got a lvl 12 WD so were not too far ahead, feel free to hop in we can catch you up easy enough. GL.
From memory it also includes:

-Never repeating an area of the game for additional xp and to level ahead of the monsters.
-No healing at the healer.

It is heaps of fun though, I'll have to hit you guys up next time I'm on.
From memory it also includes:

-Never repeating an area of the game for additional xp and to level ahead of the monsters.
-No healing at the healer.

It is heaps of fun though, I'll have to hit you guys up next time I'm on.

No healing? Wups...Didn't know that. But yeah hit us up mate we have a few others we are running with and we can hop on TS3
I'm not too far ahead. Looking forward to your joining us. I think we will just go with the current restrictions, no need to make it any harder than it already is.
Hmmm. In our version of Ironman, we are allowed to use stuff that other players give us. Having said that, I have chosen not to do this with my new character, just to make it a bit more of a challenge. But you can make up your own mind on this.

As for the jeweller, I don't really know as we haven't picked up anything of that nature yet. I suppose if we pick up all the gear Jewellcrafting pages etc to be able to do that, there wouldn't be any harm. I'll wait for Trouble's thoughts on this matter.

I have got a new character ready to roll with you from the beginning lol.
I think useing the JC and the BS will benifit us quite a bit as we progress in the game. When we get to Inferno I will clock inferno then move 2 MP everytime. So, inferno MP0, kill big-d, Inferno MP2, kill big-d, Inferno MP4 kill big-d, and so on. So, with that said I think to use of the JC and BS will benifit us quite a bit. I would say yes to those. But we are not allowed to buy vendor Items, only crafted items when we get to inferno or found items until then.

So, until we get to inferno, only found items, on vendor, no crafting,no AH. But when we get to inferno we will be able to use the JC and the BS so lvl them up accordingly aye.
I've always gone with allowing people to swap items in the same game if they find them, I think it adds a lot to the whole experience and builds some comraderie between players. Knowing that you gave them a big upgrade that may help the group survive, rather than just throw it in the bin, is pretty cool.

Not healing at the healer gets interesting when you run out of potions and can't go back to a previous area and farm some more potions up (as you can't buy any from the vendor). Unless of course you just teleport back to down and logoff when you start getting low :lame:

Now I want to get home and play argh!
all good mate, it will be fun to have you round again. You know instead of me waiting in town till you call e...then me porting to you, dieing getting res. then back to town just to wait for another, "e!'
RIP to TheIronMonk....all im saying.

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