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New to the WD world but loving it. Need to gear a follower for him now and confused who to pick? Ultimately I want xp and mf gear on them. I know Templar can have the most mf but would the enchantress or scoundrel added dps be more beneficial? I'm guessing scoundrel for me bc my cc is low. Any ideas?
Don't use them, they become a crutch. Do what I do, no pets, no followers. Just you and the enemy.
Yes, I believe the added buffs and cc that the Enchantress or Scoundrel provide trump the extra 4% mf you'll get using a shield on your templar.

If you ultimately want xp and mf gear while having some decent dps, you can't go past the enchantress. A decent Maximus with some IAS/mf/gf gear is a great setup as it pretty much gives you another garg to tank with. Her buffs will help your pets too.

I wish -my- garg had fire chains :(
If you have the gold to spend, a Buriza (5M for a decent one) on a Scoundrel with as much IAS gear as you can afford on the cheap will turn him into a freeze machine. I can't tell you how much easier it makes mid MP runs.
Weapon: Buriza (does cold damage, go with highest % chance to pierce you can afford; freeze rate is overpriced).
Jewelry: Blackthorne's ammy for LOH and life, and grab a couple rings with +Vit, +9%IAS, and +MF, ignore other affixes if you can't afford them.
Satchel: Anything with Vit
Skills: Everything on the left side.

He will stay out of the way, slow mobs to make them easier to nail with acid rain or ZB, and provide funny commentary.

Edit: I should note that this build does virtually ZERO dps to anything in inferno. So, if you want your follower to actually KILL things, this is not the build for you, but if you want your follower to make it easier for YOU to kill things, this build has made a big difference for me.
See my scroundrel: Windoforce or Buriza + high attack speed + some LoH

Only a little bit more damage than dogs, but I don't need him to do damage.

Before that,
I used to use a Garg all the time to help distract, but then I got a maximus on my enchantress and didn't need him anymore.
I use the templar, more mf and resource regen, the extra mana per second may not seem like much but it keeps me from going dry on elites.
03/09/2013 07:07 AMPosted by Viserin
Don't use them, they become a crutch. Do what I do, no pets, no followers. Just you and the enemy.

'army of one' lol

I use a Scoundrel for the added crit chance and cc he provides. It's pretty tough to beat really. The enchantress is moderately useful at times, but the attack speed buff just doesn't cut it anymore since the attack speed nerf a few patches back. The templar is a viable option if you're in dire need of survivability or are running some sort of a 'tank' spec (also nice for keeping your pets alive).
Enchantress with an Azurewrath

"Freeze on Hit" procs all the time. She's a freeze machine.
use Scoundrel with high pierce % / high freeze % Buriza + all accessories with ias / loh
he may not do much dmg, but will freeze pretty much everything you see on screen. lets me cruise solo while u see things semi frozen. checkout my set up if you like.
I can tell you that the Scoundrel with a Buriza doesn't do squat on higher MP(8+) . He can freeze some mob members but is worthless against elites. He gives me the most DPS buff with his 3% crit.

The enchantress oh high MP is the most effective against elites as she will turn them into chickens, and I run her with the Maximus for added distraction.

The Templar on high MP dies too often, however his life regen, heal, and 4% mana are nice for lower to mid MP.
I personly like the Enchantress and yes I put a Maximus in her hands too.

She's like totaly awsome with a Maximus too. It turns her into a Tank on top of Def buff dps buff's and crowed control. I mean side kicks dont realy do alot of dmg so I measer them by how much other stuff they can do for me.

And so the Enchantress do's the most Crowed Control and dps buff's and Maximus for the Tank Iwin best side kick award.

At least that's how I see it.
Scoundrel is straight up best for bear and acid rain builds.

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