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Hi there,

I recently added a new D3 license to my other account which got suspended previously. I was playing fine for a few days but I could not post on the forums so I opened a ticket about it. Instead of fixing the problem, the new D3 license got suspended instead and I called the support line to check what was happening.

They said there was a problem with conflicting licenses and that they would fix the problem by transferring the suspended license off to a fresh bnet account and unlock the new license so that I could continue playing. They asked me to create a new bnet account and submit the info in the ticket. I have already done this and am still waiting for the transfer to happen. However it has been more than 30 hours since any response on my ticket and nothing has been done.

I would really love to continue playing and this downtime is causing me to lose many hours of play. Could someone look into it and expedite my ticket please?

Ticket times are between 4-5 days right now so you may just have to be patient until they get to your ticket. The sudden increase in ticket times is due to the new Starcraft release as well as a major WoW content patch.

You'll need to keep working via the support ticket process. Either reopen the existing one if it's been marked as resolved, or create a new ticket.
The ticket is still "open" I was getting 15 min response times till they asked me to provide info for a fresh bnet account to transfer the suspended license off to. Since then its been 30 hrs + and no response. Its liek the issue has already been clarified and the solution has been found but nothing has been done. It is getting pretty frustrating

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