MP10 Tourist Build - "Panic Attack!"

Witch Doctor
Hey WDs -

Maybe this is commonplace to some of you, but I had an interesting experience this weekend working on a Hellfire Ring. Someone was offering free MP10 uber carries, so I grabbed my machine and off we go with this mega-barb to snatch 5 stacks.

Except...I died every time I blinked. Left right up down and center. Now I knew it would be crazy in there (I'm in the MP4-6 zone, 6 is pushing it solo though), but I was dying enough that I couldn't match pace with him and he had to kick me. But! Not to be dismayed, I decided my goal was to stay alive the whole time and get him to give me another chance. I wanted that carry! And I'm thinking of doing this much more until I get a ring I like...anyway.

Enter "Panic Attack." I was determined not to die even ONCE and run with this barb again, minutes after I had just died something like 30-40 times in what, 15 minutes or less? (let alone I actually hyper-embarrassingly ended up naked towards the end because all my gold was out on bids and I had in nooo way accounted for needing so much for repairs :P).!eTa!ZaZZcb

So there it is. I grabbed almost every life and survival skill possible, and added a healthy dose of utility since my damage was almost worthless at that level. Most of the deaths were from getting separated from the uber-barb for even a split-second, so run speed was paramount as well.

The happy ending is he gave me another chance, and I didn't die a single time! Not while stacking to 5, and not even during the uber combo (was Ghom/Rak)! While that may not actually be surprising to many of you, considering my gear has no business playing at MP10 and with the intense rapid-fire deaths I'd just drowned in, I was pretty blown away at how it came together.


+Ultra-Mobile. Keep up with your tank at alll times (while also being invincible/fearing everything)
+Spam LS bats alll day long. Can't really go oom. Lots of fun - can actually help kill some things too! Every little bit :) I haven't used that skill since level 19 / gradeschool...
+Control = Double Mobility. Grasp constantly, slowing the endless stream of mobs hunting your weak, shouldn't-even-be-here-butt. So not only are you going faster (ultra mobile), they are going slower...getting them to lose aggro quite quickly.
+Helping Hand. 'Tip' your carrier with +30% damage every elite pack, and every cd on bosses.

PS - While these may all be obvious for an almost-only-survival-focus-build, I'll go ahead and say that the passives are self-explanatory. Pets dies, your dps doesn't matter, so...yeah.

I have no idea if anyone will find this useful, but hopefully at least it's an interesting story. The barb did actually tell me to just stay dead and still get the stacks/loot, but that is really boring and I believe I could do more than that, even grossly undergeared. I'll be using it for further MP10 machine carries.

TL;DR: Got humiliated on an MP10 Infernal Machine carry with a super-barb. Got a second chance and saved face by not dying once during stacks or ubers with this "Panic Attack" build. Use for carries, and for the lulz. Keep out of reach of children.
you can leave the game when he starts the uber and rejoin before he kills the uber u just need to get the 5 stacks
Bump for this guy! I have to like it because it's different :) Also, if you have any LoH at all, you can stay out of the line of fire with Corpse Spiders (Leaping or Medusa would be my choice). LoH seems to yield much greater returns until you get good dps (100k + like you already have).
Chris - I didn't know that! That is very, very sneaky. I'll keep that in mind, but would sure prefer to run around like a chicken with my head cut off ;)

Buuuuji - thank you! Good point about LoH, I should have swapped a couple items for that actually to stay further topped off. Will do next time.

Lots more keys to farm, but looking forward to getting funky on MP10 carries when I have no business staying alive there in my current gear!

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