Mirror Image sometimes breaks with Hex

Bug Report
Usually when using the wizard skill Mirror Image, with any rune, we're able to break free from the Witch Doctor skill Hex and stuns.

When we're under the effect of fear, however, we can't use Mirror. Okay.

But often times, when we're NOT under Fear, and have just broken free from a Hex skill, when consequently hexed again we're not able to use Mirror Image anymore, until the Hex is over, even though the cooldown from Mirror Image has been reset through the Illusionist affix.

This is really annoying as it breaks the main use of the skill in PVP - getting rid of things. This also happens against some stuns.

It might have something to do with the Mirror Image being reset through Illusionist while the CC is already under effect. So we're already hexed with no Mirror Image, then its cooldown ends through illusionist and we can't use it. Please investigate.
The exact same happens against the Monk's "Blind" skill.
Scratch the underlined part, I've just gone back to dueling and noticed it happens quite frequently regardless of that. It might have something to do with Illusionist though, that even though the Mirror Image's cooldown gets reset, the underlying ability to break free from CC does not, until the regular 15 seconds have passed.

I hope you guys will take a look, its been like this since PTR

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