Something fishy with Homuculus on AH

Witch Doctor
I don't get the assumption that the ilvl63 homunculs is going to be that much better. If they actually allow them to roll higher dmg, then we might as well be expecting a giant nerf too.

If I remember correctly, the homunculus was used as an example in that blog post of an item/build that doesn't subscribe to the normal "stack trifecta & gg". Maybe they do add something, but the odds of it being substantial are low IMO.
03/13/2013 07:20 AMPosted by SuxkerPunxh
However, I think that plan kinda backfired once dev's commented on the legendary update in the future. He's probably just trying to dump them all fast and not lose much money from it.

what was the devs comment on legendary update in the future
not fishy at all.. its blizzard.. i swear they control all the good items in the AH.. or its like the other guy said. some rich dude cashing out
I wish whomever it is hoarding all the +CC -ZD Skull Grasp would cash out! Been. Looking. Forever.
i totally spent 600 mil on a nice skull grasp to replace my SOJ with -ZD :) the skull grasps are a good decision

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