Why haven't I picked up the nice legends yet?

Demon Hunter
I'm about 800 hours into the game now and I have not had any of the following "big money" legendaries drop for me.

Deadman's Legacy
The Witching Hour
Mempo of Twilight
Litany of the Undaunted
Ice Climbers

As a result, I'm stuck with toiling month after month to scrounge up 50 million to buy "sub-par" legendaries and sets for my character. (i.e. saving up 60+ million gold this month to afford a DEX+AR Inna's Temperance). I can solo MP7 with a couple of deaths, but my gear is very mediocre compared to the vast majority of the DH's here on this forum.

Is it because I only play DH and no other class? That I have never spent a dollar in RMAH? That because my gear is subpar that I will only find mediocre legendaries and sets?

I have found everything for Immortal King's, Tal Rasha's, Inna's, Zunimassa's, even our own Natalya's sets, Skorn, Echoing Fury, Stone of Jordan, Mara's, etc but never any of the above mentioned items.

I have found a dozen Vile Wards throughout the months, but zero of the list above. Why?
03/17/2013 06:23 AMPosted by pabrt

I must say, the ratio of Lamentations to The Witching Hours seems a bit skewed...

I've had 6 Lamentations drop (a mostly worthless Mighty Belt), and only one WH drop.
Will considering WH's are worth about 200 times the amount of a Lamentation a 6:1 ratio is pretty generous.
And now you know why those are so expensive.
I have triple your elite kills and have never found a witching hour. Never found a Ice Climbers either.

It wasn't even until a few weeks ago that I found my first DML. Literally one of the worst ones you can get too, 11% IAS and Int.

After playing for so long (had this game since 2nd week of release), I just never get my hopes up. It actually makes the game more fun when you have zero expectation for good loot. Which sounds weird for a loot grind game, but D3 is what it is.
I haven't had climbers or Mempo drop
03/17/2013 07:15 AMPosted by Chocko
Will considering WH's are worth about 200 times the amount of a Lamentation a 6:1 ratio is pretty generous.


I'm not complaining, if WH dropped all the time, the game would get boring quickly.

Edit: stupid ipad autocorrect fail
Haha yup. I've found 1 WH but it was awful and I think I got 8 million out of it. Found 1 Calamity which I still have but have never used because it lacks a socket. Found 1 WF which is on my Merc and probably worth a brimstone.

Never found a Manticore, Mempo, Ice Climbers, or Unity.

Heck the most expensive item I've ever sold was a black dmg rare demolisher which got me roughly 100 million.

RNG really is RNG....I found two Echoing Furies in 5 minutes on the same run....had never found one before and haven't found one since haha.
I have found 1 witching hour and it was low-end, only sold for like 6m i think. Biggest seller I have ever had was a CC Stormcrow and sold it for 40m. RNG is RNG.
I'm in the finding multiple crit mempo club, clearly because RNG likes me.

Doesn't change the fact that I still find tons of "wizard hat" and "might belt" though. I think the drop rates on certain legendaries are just higher.
I'm in the finding multiple crit mempo club, clearly because RNG likes me.


well I've found an 80m storm crow, 200m innas pants, and almost every IK set piece, with godly rolls (150m each) .

never found one SOJ, but many, many legendary rings :(
never found a calamity, but a few manticores

when you do think about it though, it's crazy that we play 700 hours of a game to find just a *few* good items

I've found..

3 iceclimbers
5 manticores
4 witching hours
4 EF
2 dml

the iceclimbers sold for a bit, manticores were mostly brimstones, and one EF got me 50m. My DML I found.

0 mempo
0 calamity

my friend and i liked to link each other unid'd dawns/baleful casters and say "FINALLY A CALAMITY!" same with andys lol
I got a Calamity once... 870 dps, high str roll, no socket. A trollface.gif popped up when I ID'd it.
I think it is all random but i am convinced that certain Legendaries have a chance to drop more. I have never found a Mempo, Manticore, any inna set etc. Only found Nat Embrace out of the full set. Seems to have far better luck in finding Immortal King set, lacuni, stormcrow, promise of glory etc. The biggest disappointment is seeing a green ring drop and it is compass rose LOL

I read somewhere that the legendaries drop are supposed to be more Class based. Do you guys find more DH items or mainly for other class?
With that looonnnnggg stretch of bad luck, it's bound to change soon :)

I've found just about every legendary but they are hardly ever "good" as everyone above can attest. 5 mempho's - all crap, etc. Echoing fury's are the only ones that have been good to me, out of about 7 or so, 2 were worth over 200mil (one is on my monk right now, I sold the other in 1.0.4).

Hang in there!

Or spend 5 bucks and get 100mil haha
Seriously, when you look at the idea of paying more for a Starbucks cup of coffee than it would cost you to buy the gold to gear up for 100m, it makes me a little ill. I work a job where I get paid an average of $65- $75 an hour. And then I look at the number of hours I put into my DH and the relative value in USD... I feel ill again.
of course if you put a value on your time spent in game vs your job..it's bad. but to be able to PLAY A GAME and get *anything* out of it, is amazing, imho.

imagine if for every tetris line back in the day we got a penny? ;)

all those hours playing, gone. at least now you can cash out and buy a t-shirt that says
"I Played D3 for 800 hours and all I got was this t-shirt"

Well, that's why I lead with the coffee cup analogy. Haha.. my DH is worth "10 cups of coffee. Lol!"

Edit this is also the big failing of creating an RMAH. It creates the avenue for these real life comparisons. 3rd party companies just made it cheaper and screwed the scale badly

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