SNS wiz cashing out

Request sent :)
Catbin is a cool guy. I highty recommend. and wish you the best of luck and endeavors. Hope to see you back when expansion comes out.
doh, lacuni is gone :/ I'm still interested in the ammy though. Have you had time to consider a price?
Jobewan...the ammy is gone.

interested in my old lacuni? slightly worse then catbin's 8/6 66ar 70int/30dex.

Bump for cat, his a cool cat!
@Boozer Possibly. I'm really looking to add loh and trying to cover my bases on ais for when that happens (if I can't find a proper tri ring/ammy). Catbin's ammy was the ticket, but "that ship has sailed" so to speak. I'm currently stuck w/ a junk ring that drops me 12k dps while I search for something that agrees w/ me on dps/loh/mit/vit.

@catbin What's the pricetag on the gloves?
03/19/2013 09:36 AMPosted by Jobewan
ok... so what's the pricetag on the gloves?

add me in game if interested
Hey Cat, Uri here... man we've been going at it since day 1 together... A few others I know have reached their goals as well. I long reached my goal for #1 life @ 342k... idk what to do anymore I'm just playing dogs build now with 116k base dps... hope u don't quit D3 in all though. It's been a true pleasure :D
@Uri, It's been fun farming and doing ubers with you. I will stick around and see what they are gonna do in 1.09. Perhaps I will return for the expansion if they have new classes.

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