Any chance the PS3 and PC AH will be the same community

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I thought I read they will be separate communities, which kind of sucks, because we could use the population increase.
You are correct, there will be separate communities[1]. Most likely will be different auction houses, as combining them would be connectivity between the two platforms. While It might be something Blizzard do in the future like they have done with Starcraft II's Global Play[2] , I think in the beginning the console community will be able to grow at its own pace, just like PC users were given that opportunity when Diablo3 launched.

We will be stuck and our population increase will will not happen. I think this decision is going to cause the PC version to shatter. I will probably buy the PS3 version knowing what I know now so that I can start out ahead of the curve. I wonder if there will be a RMAH that players can sell stuff on. I do not know of any PS3 game with this capability at the moment.

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