Manitou for low MP farming

Witch Doctor
Just wanted to pop in and report on an experiment I tried last night. I have enough mana generation gear, combined with my slow AS weapon (always a good idea for those having problems with mana), that I don't really need a primary attack (toads, firebomb, etc.). So, I tried sticking Spirit Barrage - Manitou as my left-click attack, and keep it always on. I find it's great for speed A3 runs as it not only nails stragglers, but opens debris. Also, I don't have any LOH gear, but it does proc that, too. I don't really need that slot for primary damage, as ZB and Acid Rain take care of elites and mobs, respectively, but I was zipping through A3 much more quickly with Manitou instead of my previous skill (Dire Bats). Anyone else tried this, or has a better suggestion for what to do with that left click spot? Not a huge dog fan.
Not sure what skill you'd want for your build sorry, but just wanted to add that I'd agree Manitou is a pretty amazing "filler" skill when you need set-and-forget dps.

I used to run a fierce loyalty build with as many single-cast dots as I could fit in after taking ZD/Garg and the obligatory SW. The idea at the time was that WD has enough mana problems without using PtV, hence this build relies on not having to spam any spells at all. This also gave you the added benefit of not having to stand still for more than the split second it might take to cast a spell or two.

I had tried changing out Manitou for many other spells at the time and was surprised when Manitou came out on top. Despite it's reasonably high mana cost, the 21 seconds in between each cast more than balanced out the issue.!gWd!YZcaYa

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