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has been discussed and its impossible to let us move faster because it wouldnt let screen load fast enough

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You are the minority. Implementing what the minority wants over the majority is indeed selfish...

Lol not a very good use of the word selfish. Blizzard would not be selfish for implementing what someone else wants. lol And making a suggestion of something one thinks would improve the game is indeed not selfish. Just because you don't like the idea does not mean it is a bad idea. YOU my friend are the one being self centred right now.

All the troll response of sarcasm do not count towards opposing forces of the idea, it is merely bored individuals looking to post what they would think is something funny.

If everyone on the forums saw this thread and gave an answer to it, only then would it be the voice of the majority. Not just you're opinion that it should not be looked into.
We should be able to craft a Segway at the Blacksmith... hehe

Seriously, I can't imagine running faster. At some point it would become unrealistic, chars sprinting across the screen. My Barb is pretty fast, and in real life such a thing would be absolutely frightening!
03/13/2013 04:21 PMPosted by Snoofo
allow movement speed to roll in higher numbers than 12%

i think every characters should have +10 % base movement speed enhanced
then , Barb WOTB skill -10% movement speed reduced
demon hunter passive -10% movement speed
and maybe one skill for monk -10% movement speed too
every characters would have balanced speed, for pve and pvp
barb would have nice movement speed even if you don't use wotb
every characters could move nice with some dh, monk or barb builds on party
03/18/2013 05:09 PMPosted by DOWNFALL
dude the fleetfooted passive is 10%. all you're gonna accomplish there is nobody uses the passive.

didn't speak about fleetfooted,
i speak about Tempest rush - Tailwind , - 10% movement speed
would have 15% movement speed from 25%

03/18/2013 05:09 PMPosted by DOWNFALL
don't nerf anybody.

in fact, no one will have nerf, because

base movement speed enhanced 10% for every 5 characters

so if the 3 skill are nerf, -10% movement speed on the 3 skill
you will have the same movement speed when you use any of the 3 skill

every characters would have nice speed, without any skill

btw, i didn't say i disagree for another items for MS
but i think the cap should be 2 or 3 items ,
because some builds dh , monk or barb will run maybe too fast
if you make more MS on items
has been discussed and its impossible to let us move faster because it wouldnt let screen load fast enough

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fleetfooted tempest rush monk and WOTB sprinting barb with fleeting shrines disagree with you[/quote]

you really are a bit thick.... what i meant is that if you combine all those skills AND more % speed run. Screen will not load fast enough.

this has been said alot of times and answered by blues.

stop asking for stuff that cant be done.
base movement speed should be enhanced 10%
i hope they LOWER the cap to 24% so you can't qq that you can't hit cap without wasting stats.
YOu can boost movement speed on items..

But the game just needs an across the board 10% movement speed boost. Both monsters and players. It's like playing in slow motion at times.

They took the A out of ARPG.
03/18/2013 04:53 PMPosted by DOWNFALL
I am making a barb for PvE. I wouldn't expect blizzard to make WD the best at everything... Grow up and stop being so selfish...

I'm selfish because I want to be able to stack more than 24% movespeed? and how would that make your wd better at anything? it just makes you move faster. if anything it gimps your other stats

besides I'm not saying 200% life the other guy. I think 50% would be good. I already achieve 49% on my wizard with scramble, but only when I take a hit from an enemy

has been discussed and its impossible to let us move faster because it wouldnt let screen load fast enough

end of thread

fleetfooted tempest rush monk and WOTB sprinting barb with fleeting shrines disagree with you

^ This.

Lol. i love how most of you completely ignore Blizzard's reasons for keeping movement speed capped.

Number one reason? Diablo is now a COOPERATIVE, yes COOPERATIVE game where people have to stick together in group play.

Another huge reason is from Blizzard says the game is in fact designed like d2 and you will get loading issues going too fast.

This is a current opinion with Max Movement Speed WW Barbs running with another character with NO Movement Speed bonus?

There are people you run with and people you don't. This will never change so I don't see that being an issue. Just let people have the choice in gear to do so (if they're rich enough, of course, like everything else is and always will be).
Sorry, but I already find it difficult enough to play with certain characters because of movement skills they have and I don't (Wiz teleporting comes to mind) and having to portal back to town and then to them when they are already in the middle of a !@#$storm is just annoying.

I love fleeting shrines on lower mp's but absolutely despise them on higher mp's, just preference I guess.

As many have stated, there are many things that need to get fixed in D3 and from my perspective, MS is a fair ways down the priority list. To me, faster movement speed just means finding vendor trash faster and getting xp a little faster, this makes the game more fun how?

I will give kudos to the morons who just say "This is how you fix this problem Bliz, just do it" as they have no idea what is involved in even moderately complex development efforts.
I posted this question in "ask the devs round 2". But I doubt it will be answered >.<

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