PVP Tournament (Current Prize-pool = 4.5b)

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I'm pretty swamped, but I'll gladly add you to the tournament if your back playing in SC, you've been nominated and we're missing a DH since mystical quit.

put you in for the third spot for now, let me know.

That works for me
school work's finally done

Been busy for the past month, but since this thing still didn't start, I can still participate if you have room/want to add me back
YO is this confirmed to be this weekend? Please let me know as Im still on vacation in Philippines until may9th but will try to find a hotel room with good wifi so I can play.

Also please post up the full rules asap!

and I have a concern about the fraps/streaming requirement. Im playing on a laptop and I have used xfire to record d3 clips b4 but I notice even on the very minimal settings my laptop cant handle to processing and I get very noticeable frame rate drop while recording and frequent freezes of my whole system. and this is when I was at home with less than 50 latency. Here combined with the 400-2k latency I already have to deal with I fear it might be a huge handicap or make it even unplayable for me.

Im not sure what is the intention of the recording but im guessing its either to inforce the no gear switch rule or to allow for spectators. If its for rule enforcement I would suggest the option is givin to play with empty inventory. This could be enforced by the ref where they drop 30 2space item on the ground in town b4 we go into the chappel. I have to pick them all up at once and not go to my stash afterwards. this would insure that my inventory is empty and can not gear switch. If its for spectators we could have 2 refs in the arena that are both streaming this would give greater coverage of the playing field with giving a handicap to players with older comps. Im sure I could find some people that would do this if we need more.

Anyway let me know if there is anything I can do help. Looking forward to meet you all in the chapel!
Good idea about filling your item space up with blues. Hopefully this tournament is not this weekend since their is already another PvP tourney this weekend. I am competing in that one and reffing this one.
Why is weapon swapping not allowed by the way? Any good reason for this? Seems to benefit some classes and be a detriment to others...
Streaming requirment will seriously hinder my fps, my main rig is a 14" laptop can barley play on low settings.
I dont agree with the wep swapping rule because it gives classes such as DH a huge advantage which i believe they already have. Barbs / Monks will be hurt in the process.
Umm, the VC tournament is this weekend too.

Anyways, I think gear swapping is just an unfair gimmick that adds more problems than it alleviates. It certainly does help some classes more than others, but I think the whole tournament will be mostly decided at the bracket list as there are obvious class match up differences lol. Example, I will probably lose immediately if I get some super Barb or WD, but I will continue on if I get a Monk or Wiz on the first round lol.
05/02/2013 11:08 PMPosted by Iria
I think the whole tournament will be mostly decided at the bracket list as there are obvious class match up differences lol.

Indeed/ I will be performing some satanic rituals and human sacrifice to lord diablo to insure all the monks get matched against the other witchdoctors first round and then get taken out by some dh ez win.

also I will bet 1mil gold that a wiz wins this tourney. (1 : 10000000000000000 odds) any one want to take the bet? easy mill for you.
i'll give u 50:1

how abt that
I think the only piece of gear swapping that makes sense is a ring. Most notably switching out say a Litany for a SOJ. A clear switch of EHP for DPS. Mostly to be used in stalemates.
I'm gonna try to get in touch with everyone but this has been moving a bit slow to organize.

got so much on my plate right now, could use someone who would like to help me organize all the clutter get this going.

In regards to streaming requirement

It is part to enforce rules and make sure there is no foul play

but also to have more pvp'ers actively streaming and to allow spectators to watch the matches or VODs.

I'm gonna try to get everything copied into the OP by tonight.

if your on the list to be in the tournament and you haven't added me yet, make sure you do.

(plz put that your in the tournament on frequest)

if your already on my list, give me a msg and let me know that this Sunday will work for you.

to be updated.
Sunday is good, a good night tourney would fit well.
hmm if its this sunday would really hope we finish by 7 or 8pm eastern. also please let us knw asap if we are confirmed for this sunday. I need 24h notice to find hotel with good wifi so I dont disc.
I dunno if you 2 saw this but VC but up Tournament times

Manner just hit me up for the 200 mill donation I put up for putting Chucky in - leave me a message ingame and I will add you to flist till we end up being on at the same time so I can take care of my debt.

GL all duelers.
Need an update on everything ASAP! timings rules etc, is this still through d3cl?
d3cl has no record of this tournament lol.
meiju!@#$ai for monk and wutongshu should be in this tournament...

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